One the the very first questions us hear after seeing a patient with a fracture is: exactly how soon after breaking my toe, foot or ankle can I acquire

back to driving?

Unfortunately, there’s no one answer. Let’s look closely at every the components that will influence your capacity to journey after enduring a fracture in your lower body.

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Driving through a broken Foot: The Don’tsThere room some clear no-nos, of course: if your appropriate foot is in a cast or brace, girlfriend absolutely need to not drive. There is just no way to journey safely with this kind of obstruction to her driving foot.

Equally, if you’re on any kind of narcotic pain-killers, you must not acquire behind the wheel. Ever. Law so would be the tantamount of driving ~ a night of hefty drinking. It’s just not safe.

The Grey areas of injured DrivingWhat if it’s no your driving foot that’s been casted?

This is wherein answers end up being a small less clean cut: girlfriend may be able to operate a auto safely, yet then again, you could not be. The only safe means to test out your readiness in this form of circumstances is to exercise driving in an empty parking lot: if the actors does no seem to be affecting your capacity to brake or apply the gas pedal, and if youaren’t enduring distracting discomfort, that is most likely that you will be for sure behind the wheel but, the course, there are no guarantees.

It’s important to note that you should check with her doctor prior to even attempting this parking many test—in fact, if you’re driving with a actors on, your vehicle insurance might require a doctor’s created permission prior to you get back behind the wheel. As might a police office, if you occur to acquire pulled end while driving through a fracture.

One final cautionary word—even if you’ve been cleared to drive by your doctor, and also even if your cast is no on your driving foot, there might be some days ~ a foot injury whereby you aren’t safe behind the wheel. Rate your very own pain levels before reaching for her keys—if you’re at a five or higher, you might be distracted through discomfort, lowering her reaction time in traffic. Typical sense should always come before any type of other considerations; once in doubt about your capability to control a car, it’s constantly wise to turn to a friend family members member…or, once all else fails, Uber or Lyft!

What happens After My cast Comes Off?


Once your cast has been removed, nevertheless of i beg your pardon leg to be immobilized, don’t assume that you’ll have the ability to drive immediately. ~ weeks in a cast, toughness in your foot and/or ankle will be diminished; you’ll as such want come wait until your walking has returned come normal before even attempting come drive.

As a basic guide, the post-fracture timeline for getting back to steering is as follows:

Foot Fractures: Wait six weeks after your cast comes off, assuming typical walking has actually returned

Ankle Fractures: Wait ripe weeks before returning come your continuous driving routinesWhile these are basic suggestions, every individual’s restore time will certainly vary, so talking to her doctor about driving (and checking in regularly during your recovery) is the best means to certain a safe go back to motoring. According to a recent study sighted in the New York Times, a shocking 35% of operated doctor don’t discuss post-operative driving security with their patients; apparently, they’re fear to take any kind of stand on driving the end of fear that they’ll be held liable if a patient decides to drive and also gets in an accident.

At Prairie course Foot and Ankle, we never ever want girlfriend to leaving our office with unanswered questions about your safety. Us are constantly happy come answer your questions, whether you are concerned about driving, wade or returning to exercise. While we might not provide you a hard-and-fast answer regarding your return-to-driving timeline, we deserve to at the very least highlight all the security issues affiliated so you can make a better, an ext informed, decision.

If you take it anything far from this article, your Elmhurst podiatrists want it to it is in this: whenever you are driving v a painful injury choose a broken foot or ankle, even if you are doing for this reason after your cast has to be removed, you must constantly be conscious of your mental acuity. Also if her injurydoesn’t directly affect your ability to drive, if you’re not resting well or are just feeling a little bit off, it might not be for sure for friend to acquire behind the wheel, nevertheless of your physical capacity to execute so.

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When you’ve damaged a bone in her foot or ankle, you’ll obviously it is in concerned about your mobility, but you must always put safety prior to concerns around being inconvenienced. Only you have the right to decide once you’re really prepared to journey after one injury choose this, yet we hope that you’ll indicate your doctors in the conversation, for this reason we deserve to keep you for sure during and after your recovery period.