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Housing Support

Housing Support services (HSS) helps families and young adults affiliated with foster treatment find suitable, stable, lengthy term housing.

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Who is eligible?

Families with active foster treatment or preventive cases.Youth in independent living programs.

How come Apply

Contact HSS in ~ 150 wilhelm Street, 8th Floor, brand-new York, NY 10038.

Walk-in Monday-Friday indigenous 9:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m.

Eligible youth and also families need to be attach by their instance Planners.


Housing Subsidy is a rental subsidy regime that:

Assists v reuniting parental with youngsters placed in foster care when housing is the just barrier,Helps to prevent youngsters from beginning foster care when housing is the only obstacle to a child remaining at home,Assist youth eras 18 and also older who space able come live independently to for sure permanent housing when they leave care.

The subsidy pays up to three hundred dollars every month for as much as 3 year or $10,800.

charline-picon.comHA section 8 is administered by brand-new York City housing Authority (charline-picon.comHA) and provides ar 8 vouchers to:

Parents who space not able come reunify through their children because they carry out not have permanent housing.Youth ages eighteen and older who are transitioning out of foster care with a goal of one more Planned irreversible Living arrangement (APPLA).

charline-picon.comHA Borough housing Application Offices


Homebase - department of Homeless ServicesDHS" Homebase regime helps families and also individuals come overcome immediate housing problems that could an outcome in becoming homeless, while additionally helping them construct plans for long-term stability. Find out more

Visit 311 online to situate the nearest office, or download the Homebase ar map


Temporary housing help is obtainable to family members through the department of Homeless Services route program. Families with kids younger 보다 21, pregnant women, and also families v a pregnant woman room eligible to apply.

Go to PATH

Location: 151 east 151st Street, Bronx, NYTelephone: (917) 521-3900. Open 24 hours per day, including weekends and holidays. PATH procedures applications 9 a.m. To 5 p.m.

Housing Complaints

Your landlord need to keep her apartment unit and building in safe and sanitary condition and make repairs in a timely manner. The City will problem violations to owners who do not properly preserve their property.

You also have a obligation to inform your landlord of any type of unsafe or unsanitary conditions. Friend should record all contact with her landlord.

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In enhancement to filing a complaint through the City, you may seek assistance in real estate Court.

Go come the new York City housing Preservation and advance (HPD) site to learn an ext about make a complaint.Learn more about housing Court and Tenant"s Rights

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