ns am attempting to bulk prep part frozen convenience food and have identified that a standard Pyrex glass container would certainly be right for freeze (non-liquid) meals (think burritos or tacos), however I want to ensure the is safe to induce a large temperature swing, or if over there is a far better way to carry out this.

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It not huge, it"s simply the distinction from freezer to room temperature you room worrying about

E.g. -20°C come 20°C, is A 40°C shift. The shift was walk to it is in 20°C to 100+°C anyway. Over there is no physical reasons why this would certainly be anymore stressful

From room temperature you are elevating it 80°C, from frozen friend are elevating it 120°C. Not a trouble in the regular temperature range for glass

The freeze temperature that water (most usual item in food) has actually no relationship to the freezing temperature of glass etc

Pyrex and other glasses can be damaged if one part of them is instantly heated or cooled by a 100°C or so

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Pyrex offered to it is in made with BoroSilicate glass.Now part Pyrex is made v SodaLime glass, i beg your pardon isn"t therefore tolerant of fast temperature changes.So you must follow the instructions for the dishes girlfriend have.

If in doubt don"t warm Pyrex directly from the freezer. Fairly eg transfer components to one more such dish currently at room temperature for heating (if girlfriend can"t wait for it come defrost naturally).http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine-archive/2011/january/home-garden/glass-cookware/glass-cookware/index.htm

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