Brooke Bogdan has actually had more than 10 scopes because her early ulcerative colitis diagnosis. She shares tips on just how she eases right into the prepare process.

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Medically the review by Kareem Sassi, MD

When I began feeling symptoms of ulcerative colitis, I had actually no idea the I would be having actually a colonoscopy done less than one mainly after my very first doctor’s appointment. The just tip my primary care doctor and gastroenterologist offered me about the prepare was the I’d it is in going to the toilet a lot.

I was not prepared for how challenging completing the prep was truly going to be. The magnesium citrate and enormous jug of laxative I had actually to consume prior to my very first colonoscopy was overwhelming. Especially due to the fact that the taste to be not precisely pleasant.

All the scopes that followed that very first one never ever seemed to obtain easier. In fact, one of my critical colonoscopies before I had actually my colon removed made me for this reason ill I had to it is in hospitalized the next day. From climate on, i knew the I had to be smart with the method I to be prepping.

Top Tips for a Colonoscopy when You have UC

Here are some techniques that my major care and also GI doctors have suggested I try and the I’ve found to be helpful:

If you have to drink a big amount the laxative, placed it top top ice and drink v a straw. nothing is going to do a laxative taste better. Yet putting that on ice and also drinking it v a straw that’s put in the very back of her mouth can assist to get the stuff under quicker.Starving? Drink several water. Just since you have finished your prep doesn’t typical the an obstacle is over. Not eating as soon as your stomach is empty and also clear is tough since of hunger. Drink copious quantities of water to keep cleaning yourself out and to store your stomach seemingly full. I also chew ~ above ice, i beg your pardon tricks mine cravings into thinking i’m eating. If you’re too dehydrated ~ above the day of her scope, it may be complicated for her nurse to offer you one IV. Veins are tough to uncover when a human being is dehydrated, therefore that means extra pokes.

Lots of various preps are obtainable today, for this reason make certain to talk through your doctor around which might be best for you. If you flaring before your colonoscopy, speak to your doctor about doing her prep in the hospital, which might be safer. Connect with your medical care team and listen to your body.

Colonoscopies are a large part of having ulcerative colitis. I will need to have them annually for the remainder of my life. Ultimately, scopes store you safe. The prepare helps your doctor spot indicators of trouble and also can display if a treatment arrangement is working.

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Remember, the uncomfortable of prep is temporary — and also the an outcome is optimal treatment to preserve a healthy and balanced life.