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The winter vacation season is full of delicious baked goodies and beautiful decorations. However these services of the holiday season can additionally pose a peril to your valuable pooch. And also one such risk is a delicious edible decorate — the candy cane.

While it may make sense that dogs should not eat licorice candy, jelly beans, or liquid corn, can dogs eat candy canes? have the right to peppermint hurt a dog? and also what room the best ways to safeguard your pup indigenous potential dangers during the holiday season?

Can dogs eat liquid canes?

Can mine dog eat peppermint candy? The straightforward answer is no, dogs need to not eat candy canes. There space several factors for this. When peppermint chin is no toxic come dogs, liquid canes space peppermint candy and also not actual peppermint.

Dogs have to not have candy. It’s complete of sugar, which is quite unhealthy because that them.But another much more serious factor why dogs need to not eat candy canes or peppermint liquid is due to the fact that they frequently contain xylitol, i m sorry is a sugar substitute the is toxicity for dogs. If ingested in a big enough quantity, xylitol can cause your dog to experience a coma and could also lead come death.

Peppermint dog treats, such together the K9 pro Mint sticks Dog dentist Chews, which friend can check out ~ above Amazon, do a an excellent alternative to candy canes if you’re trying to find a method to freshen your dog’s breath, while also giving him an chance to chew.

My dog ate a peppermint liquid cane! What should I do?

If your dog ate a liquid cane (or two!) accidentally, inspect the packaging appropriate away to study the ingredients to examine for xylitol. Candy canes that case to be sugar totally free are most likely made with xylitol.

If over there is xylitol in the candy cane your dog ingested, contact your veterinarian best away, together this might be life-threatening for your dog, relying on how lot your dog ingested.

Signs the xylitol poisoning in dogs deserve to include:

LethargyVomitingDifficulty walkingRapid love rateSeizuresComaDeath

Dogs likewise should not eat liquid canes due to the fact that of the high sugar content. They’re additionally full of fabricated flavoring and also ingredients. End time, consuming a high sugar diet can cause your dog to become overweight and also even construct diabetes, pancreatitis, heart disease, or more.

Candy canes could additionally cause a choking hazard for your dog or leave him at hazard of minister obstruction. Candy canes may break turn off in larger, pointier pieces and become lodged in her dog’s neck or intestine.

In addition, liquid cane wrappers room not digestible for dogs and also can likewise cause an intestinal obstruction or a choke hazard. It’s possible that the wrapper will pass through your dog’s digestive system fine, yet it’s also possible that that could end up being lodged in his intestine.

Signs of intestinal blockage in your dog have the right to include:

VomitingLethargyDark, tarry stoolLack of appetiteDifficulty or i can not qualify to walk to the bathroomAnd more

You need to never intentionally provide your dog a liquid cane, yet it’s possible that the will obtain ahold of one anyway. If this happens, check the ingredient list and also contact your vet. If the candy cane does no contain xylitol, it’s likely that her dog will just experience some intestinal discomfort and perhaps part vomiting or diarrhea.

Nonetheless, you should contact your veterinarian to talk about the situation and receive professional medical advice. keep an eye on her dog for several days complying with the incident, monitoring him closely for any kind of behavioral or physical changes.

Safety tips for the vacation season

If you reap using real candy canes together a vacation treat or decoration, it’s important that you keep your candy canes out of reach for her pup. If you use them to decorate your tree, nothing keep any kind of on the bottom fifty percent of the tree.

Consider making use of fake liquid cane ornaments, fairly than genuine ones.

Don’t leaving bowls of liquid canes sitting approximately your residence or in a low-hanging stocking.

Other cautions regarding peppermint

While peppermint itself is not usually a difficulty for dogs, it’s no safe in every forms. Peppermint crucial oil must be avoided through dogs, as it is too solid for them and also can be dangerous.

Are peppermints ok for dogs? No, they’re not safe, and also you should avoid voluntarily providing them to your pup. If her dog eats a liquid cane, it’s finest to call your vet automatically to talk about the situation.

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Although candy canes themselves are not naturally toxic for your dog, they have the right to contain ingredient that deserve to be harmful, also life-threatening, for her dog.

That’s why it’s crucial to take it this potential risk seriously and work to protect against your dog native accidentally getting ahold that this savory stripe candy before it’s as well late.Featured image credit: