Can Bearded dragons Eat Dandelions? Yes, bearded Dragons deserve to eat dandelions, and also they are totally safe and also non-toxic. Dandelions room also an extremely nutritious since they are an excellent source of vitamin A, C, K, and calcium.

Just make certain that you just feed your bearded dragon dandelions that are farming in areas that haven’t been treated through fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides since these chemicals deserve to be incredibly toxic if they are ingested by your bearded dragon.

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Can Bearded dragon Eat Dandelion Flowers


Yes, bearded dragons have the right to eat Dandelion flower (Buy seeds Online) and also they make a an excellent treat as soon as they space in season. Dandelion flowers aren’t together nutritious as dandelion greens, but they are fantastic source that antioxidants and beta carotene.

Dandelion flowers room also an extremely soft and easy come chew, so also a stroller, stick bearded dragon will love them.

Try no to feed your bearded dragon too countless dandelion flowers because they are an extremely filling and also they might reason your moustache dragon to eschew eating feeder insects and also other vegetables.

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You likewise want to do sure any dandelion flowers that you carry out feed to your bearded dragon space young and fresh and they are cost-free of conditions or parasites.

Dandelion seeds heads need to be avoided since they aren’t very nutritious or digestible for this reason they shouldn’t be fed to a bearded dragon.

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Can Bearded dragons Eat Dandelion Leaves


Yes, bearded dragons have the right to eat dandelion leaves and they are wonderful source of vitamins A, C, and also K. They additionally contain folate, vitamin E, and small amounts of various other B vitamins.

Dandelion greens likewise contain a substantial amount of essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron and also potassium.

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There room some grocery stores like entirety Foods that lug dandelion pipeline in their produce section. You can also order fresh Dandelion Leaves virtual (Click Here) and get FREE 2-hour delivery if you space an Amazon element member.

The dandelion greens the you can acquire in the shop are also typically much bigger than the persons you’d find in your lawn. And also the dandelion greens you get from a grocery store room usually 100% organic, so friend won’t need to worry around your moustache dragon ingesting any type of toxic chemicals.

It’s also really easy to pick dandelion leaves due to the fact that they are in season because that much much longer then dandelion flowers. It’s usually possible to choose dandelion pipeline from at an early stage spring until late summer in many climates. Simply make certain you wash them very first since they have the right to accumulate dirt and also debris come a greater level than dandelion flowers.

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Can Bearded dragons Eat Dandelion Stems


In many cases, it’s finest to prevent feeding a bearded dragon too plenty of dandelion stems since the milky sap in the stem includes significant quantities of latex. The sap itself isn’t toxic for a moustache dragon, however it can reason stomach upset and also indigestion if they eat too much of it.

That’s why it’s a good idea to strip the dandelion stems turn off the leaves and also flowers prior to you feed them to your bearded dragon. If castle do occur to eat a tiny amount that stem it won’t hurt them, yet just make certain you remove most of the stem so her bearded dragon doesn’t have to digest every one of that latex.

Can Bearded dragon Eat Wild Dandelions


In many cases, wild dandelions are completely safe for a bearded dragon come eat as long as lock haven’t to be treated with any kind of fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. You also want to prevent picking dandelions from locations that have been exposed to huge amounts of vehicle exhaust pollution.

Wild dandelions to be accidentally introduced to the americas by early settlers from the european subcontinent. The plant conveniently spread throughout most of the country, so now you can find “Wild Dandelions” in virtually every lawn in north America.

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However, there are some one-of-a-kind breeds of cooking dandelions that are regularly served at luxury restaurants. Garnet Stem (Buy seeds Online) are among the many popular large leaf arrays of dandelions girlfriend can thrive if you’re in search of a safer and healthier different to “Wild Dandelions”.

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Bearded Dragon Salad


Healthy Herp bearded Dragon Mix (Buy Online) renders it easy to add some dandelion greens to your bearded dragon’s diet. This finish meal for bearded dragons is packed complete with a wide assortment that fruits and also vegetables including dry dandelion greens, red clover, corn, beans zucchini, carrots, leeks, and also it even consists of freeze-dried grasshoppers.

All you have to do is put this mix right into your mustache dragon’s bowl and simply include water come rehydrate the fruits, vegetables, and also grasshoppers. All the ingredients will conveniently return come their regular state and become an irresistible enjoy the meal for many bearded dragons.

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This moustache dragon salad is a simple means to feed her bearded dragon dandelion greens also in the winter when you can’t choose them in the wild. You can also be certain that it’s healthy for your bearded dragon due to the fact that all the ingredients space 100% for sure for omnivorous reptiles.