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Rocky the dog to be left v a hole in his head that went "down to his brain" after that bravely protected his California family from a mountain lion, according to reports.

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The pit bull, named after iconic movie personality boxer Rocky Balboa, was left v cuts and bruises across his body after he chased the huge cat that had gotten in the Padres family home in La Verne top top Monday.

Rocky"s owner mary Padres i found it her 2 dogs barking in the backyard and went out to see what had captured his attention.

Surveillance video obtained through CBSN Los Angeles verified the moment that Padres set eyes ~ above the hill lion and immediately raced come get ago inside the house.

"The hill lion to be looking best at me," Padres called the network. "It to be huge."

But, fearless Rocky did no sit idly by and chased after ~ the mountain lion in a bid to keep his family safe.

Footage proved the little pit bull provide chase prior to he went turn off camera and also continued his search up the hill behind the Padres" home.

When the family learned Rocky had raced ~ the substantial mountain lion, they come out and started come look for him. But, once the family uncovered Rocky, they saw he had actually several injuries come his body.

Padres called CBSN Los Angeles: "We experienced a hole every the method down to his brain."

She added: "The entirety reason he, they, went after the mountain lion is because I opened up that door."

When inquiry if she and the remainder of her family were fear to search for Rocky when the mountain lion was still the end there, Padres replied: "We want to defend our dog."

After they managed to retrieve Rocky, castle knew he essential to it is in treated because that the eight big puncture wounds, and he ended up with 30 stitches indigenous the vet.

Padres stated she hope by sharing she story the it would assist keep families and also their pets safe from harm.

Police told the network they space working v the California department of Fish and Wildlife to recognize if the hill lion is a danger to others in the area. has actually contacted the La Verne Police Department because that comment.

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According to the California department of Fish and also Wildlife, there room several procedures California residents have the right to take to aid protect themselves from hill lions.

These include:

Deer-proofing her landscape by staying clear of having plants that deer favor to eatTramp brush to alleviate hiding places for mountain lionsDo not leave kids or pets exterior unattendedInstall motion-sensitive lighting around the houseDo not leave pets exterior at dawn, dusk or night, together these space the time where hill lions are many activeBring pet food inside to stop attracting mountain lion prey, such as raccoons


Stock picture of a crouching mountain lion. Rocky offered chase after the mountain lion. Joesephfotos/Getty