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I have actually an automatically 98 200sx and noticed that on the shifter there is a switch that once i push it a light in the dash comes on speak O/D Off. What is that for and when have to it be used? Thanks

overdrive allows the automobile to change into the last gear. That should definitely be on when driving top top the freeway. (most?) civilization keep overdrive on all the time, and also maybe turn it off as soon as climbing a hill at higher speeds.

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Generally speaking, overdrive (OD) is the highest equipment in the transmission. Most automatic transmissions have three speeds and overdrive (fourth speed). Overdrive allows the engine to operate at a lower rpm because that a provided road speed. This permits the automobile to achieve far better fuel efficiency, and often quieter operation on the highway. When it is switched on, the infection can transition into overdrive mode after a certain speed is got to (usually 70+ km/h <43+ mph> relying on the load). Once it is off, the transmission moving is limited to the reduced gears. For regular driving conditions, procedure of the overdrive should be enabled only if the median speed is above 70 km/h (approx. 43 MPH).It might be essential to move it off if the automobile is being operated in a mountainous area.The automatic transmission automatically shifts native OD to third gear when more load is present. When much less load is present, it shifts ago to OD. Under particular conditions, for example driving uphill, or towing a trailer, the transmission might "hunt" between OD and the third gear, shifting earlier and forth. In this case, convert it turn off can help the infection to "decide". That may additionally be helpful to move it off if engine braking is desired, for instance when steering downhill. The vehicle"s owner"s hand-operated will often contain information and suitable procedures concerning such situations, for each provided vehicle.Overdrive was widely offered in automobiles with hands-on transmission particularly in Europe (see below) and also was commonly obtainable on either top equipment alone, or on top gear and the gear instantly below (eg 3rd gear and also fourth gear. In this case gear changing is still possible in every gears, also with overdrive disconnected. Overdrive simply adds efficient ranges to the gears, thus overdrive third and fourth end up being in result "third-and-a-half" and also a 5th gear. In exercise this deserve to lead to an overlap of gears in the third/fourth and also overdrive-third/overdrive-fourth ranges, giving greater flexibility particularly in power cars.