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Hello...I to be at a regional estate sale, and I to buy a wood Buffet Bb for cheap.There seems to be no model name on that anywhere, and also all I had the ability to learn about it from the serial number to be it was made in West Germany in 1983.None the the parts were missing, and it came with a Woodwind G8 mp and also a hideous molded plastic case.Is it worth resolving up? have to I bother?Thank you,Kenny1

Buffet is a brand name, no a form of clarinet. Girlfriend probably median that girlfriend bought a Boehm Bb clarinet. If there to be no name, how do you recognize that it was made in Germany in 1983? Serial numbers are always specific to manufacturers.Toby
The lower and also intermediate level Buffets room (and to be then) made in Germany. An E11, for instance, is German. Look really hard in ~ the wood over the A an essential on the top joint and also see if over there are any traces the the model number remaining.

Apologies, i misread the original post.Did you inspect here? here?
The lower-end clarinets marketed by Buffet to be (and perhaps still are) make in Germany by ernst Schreiber. They"re not an extremely good, in my limited experience.
Like David, ns don"t treatment for the low finish Buffets (like the B10). However, the B10 is plastic. Your wooden one might be an intermediary level instrument - certain would aid if you might find a trace of the model over that A key!

I have actually an old E11 left end from among my is a kind clarinet and is significant "Made in Germany". Ns actually prefer the keywork far better than mine R13...the ton is decent. Ns don"t really like the R13s either. (we have 3 of them, both mine kids and also me...they play theirs, but I greatly play Selmer)

Try an RC or A Festival, there is a large difference in quality between these models and also a R13. If you have the money go for the Prestige version RC.

I assume the the an essential layout (all the subtle angle and positional variations) of all Buffets are the same. Mine hands just seem come fit the Selmers and also Leblancs better than the Buffets, an especially the RH pinky cluster.
Not quite the same, there is some distinctions in the LH and RH keywork ~ above the upper range Buffets. I find the Selmer crucial layout much less than ideal, the LeBlanc is the best keywork. The reason for using the Buffet is purely sound and also response.I have owned a pre R13 buffet and it to be an incredible instrument, the sound and even tone throughout all registers was magniificent. The front register vital seemed to provide it more volume as well. This is yet one more instrument I need to never have sold.

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