Budweiser is making use of new, limited-edition package graphics in addition to a brand-new magnum party to commemorate the millennium. The celebratory package graphics will certainly be published on 2 billion Budweiser bottles and also cans, markingthe brand"s best special packaging plan in its 124-year history.

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Brewed through Anheuser-Busch Inc. (St. Louis, MO), Budweiser, which boasts the it"s "an American classic because 1876," will certainly be accessible in packaging featuring distinctive, commemorative brand from September 1999 throughJanuary 2000. Brand-new millennium graphics will show up on all 12-oz longneck bottles and also 12-oz can be ~ of real Budweiser beer, the world"s top-selling beer. The one-of-a-kind graphics will also adorn the six-pack, 12-pack and case cartons in which these bottles space contained. The limited-edition graphics will certainly not appear on Budweiser"s 12-oz conventional flagship bottles nor on any type of other dimension containers or other brands.The commemorative millennium packaging will feature a turn-of-the-century look v script type and gold highlights. The phrases "Budweiser Millennium" and also "since 1876" will show up as well.

Nostalgic packaging graphics and also a magnum party are part of Budweiser"s millenium commemoration.

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In enhancement to millennium packaging graphics, the brand is creating a limited-edition Budweiser magnum bottle. Accessible from mid-October with the holiday season, the Budweiser magnum party is a black color glass containerthat resembles a timeless champagne bottle and contains 46 ounces of original Budweiser. Contents of the bottle incorporate a red foil wrap roughly the bottleneck, a cork and also a wire closure.

The Budweiser magnum bottle will be sold as component of a distinct gift-box set that has four, 12-oz pilsner glasses. Each glass functions a yellow Budweiser millennium logo, 14-carat gold rim and stem featuring a globe withan embossed Budweiser logo.The Budweiser millennium magnum party gift set will offer as the centerpiece the Bud family members displays and as decorate in bars and also restaurants throughout the upcoming holiday season. Marketing assistance for Budweiser"s millennium regime includes new television, radio and also outdoor advertising, along with a range of on-premise promotions.Edited by invoice Noone