Buchanan"s deluxe is a blend of Scotland’s finest ingredients and aged for 12 years. It’s also the brand’s most iconic blend. A light smoky smell characterizes this blend the is matured in European and American oak casks. If you choose the custom engraving option, your blog post will it is in engraved top top a plaque adhered to the bottle. party size: 750ml

Please Drink Responsibly.

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Please save your sculpture to 15 characters per line.Engraving Location: over the brand

Please permit up to 10 organization days for custom engraving and order processing prior to shipment. Orders will ship as quickly as feasible after sculpture is completed. place of engraving on the party is at the discretion of ours engravers and cannot be modified.

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Engravings space permanent. confirm that the personalization you entered is correct.

Please allow up to 10 service days for custom engraving and also order processing prior to shipment. Orders will certainly ship as soon as feasible after engraving is completed. place of engraving on the party is in ~ the discretion of our engravers and also cannot it is in modified.

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