Bruce Lee's Original selection For method Of The Dragon (Before chuck Norris) Bruce Lee"s iconic fight versus Chuck Norris in way of the Dragon was almost versus someone else. Here"s that his opponent might have been.

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Bruce Lee lining Norris method of the dragon
Bruce Lee practically fought Joe Lewis instead of chuck Norris in ~ the finish of Way the the Dragon. Bruce Lee’s showdown v Chuck Norris is easily the actor’s most iconic martial arts fight scene. That was likewise Norris’ very first credited movie appearance and the role that launched his career.

After starring in The big Boss and Fist of Fury at golden Harvest, Bruce Lee remained with the studio to do his 3rd kung fu movie, Way of the Dragon. What collection Way of the Dragon except the previous movies was that he was given full an innovative control; he was the movie’s writer, star, and also director. Way of the Dragon associated Lee’s character, tang Lung, traveling to Rome to help his cousins deal with a gang trying to journey them away. After flavor Lung proves come be quite troublesome for the gang, they hire a karate champion to take it him on. In ~ the finish of the movie, flavor Lung arrives at the Colosseum wherein he meets lining Norris’ Colt. ~ a brutal ten-minute fight in between the kung fu master and also the karate expert, Lee’s personality manages to defeat Colt.

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The fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris has a legendary reputation in the martial art genre, but it can have had actually a totally different legacy, together Norris wasn’t in reality Bruce Lee’s first choice because that Colt. His initial idea for the film to be for his adversary to be played by Joe Lewis. No to be confused with boxer Joe Louis, Joe Lewis was a renowned martial artist during the 1960s and also 1970s. Prefer Norris, Lewis was a practitioner the karate and a civilization champion in the sport. Lewis was a well-respected kickboxer and one of the most influential figures in the background of western martial arts. In fact, many take into consideration him to be the biggest martial artist ever. Interestingly, he’s been in four matches through Chuck Norris himself. He lost the an initial three yet won their fourth and final fight, i beg your pardon was hosted in 1968.

Joe Lewis, who is believed to it is in the motivation for Street Fighter character Ken Masters, trained with Bruce Lee in the late 1960s. Having actually been impressed by Lewis’ skills, Lee pick Lewis come play Colt in Way of the Dragon, together he felt it was crucial for the huge fight to be against an yes, really fighter, together opposed come just an additional actor. A trained actor wasn’t necessarily a necessity for Colt, because the fight didn’t feature any type of dialogue native his character. Regardless, Lee’s original setup for Way of the Dragon’s ending dropped through. Lewis welcomed the part, however for reasons that remain unclear to this day, the actors to be unable to agree on how the fight should be handled.

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As a result, Lee had actually to look to someone rather to play the movie’s knavish karate expert. That’s once Lee resolved on lining Norris, another martial artist Lee had sparred with in the 1960s. Nobody will ever before know what Bruce Lee vs. Joe Lewis would look like on the huge screen, yet as exciting as the surely would have been, it’s hard to imagine that topping the well-choreographed, visceral spectacle the Bruce Lee put along with Norris in the 1972 movie.