Hi everyone, I"m brand-new to this forum, and also looking for a tiny help. I have actually a 20 horesepower V-twin Briggs, bending both intake, and also exhaust valve pushrods. I took the head in inquiry off, uncovered minimal carbon in the valve guides, valve seat look good. One of the guides does show up to have moved upwards toward th valve spring, as compared to the other head. An additional thing the puzzles me is the the exhaust valve top top the "good cylinder" does"nt travel very far as soon as the engine is turned end by hand. Might this be a possible worn camshaft?Engine design is 407577 kind 0292 E1 password 040107YG give thanks to you in advancement

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6 year ago

Yeah, that is in the sump, happens also often. Ns tried to make a maker to retrieve it yet the camshaft renders it very difficult to impossible.

Walt Conner

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12 year ago

"One the the travel guide does appear to have moved upwards towards th valve spring, as compared to the various other head."

Don"t think ns have ever heard that both press rods bending in ~ the very same time. One must have acquired over into the other. The valve guide coming loosened and comes part way out is usual of causing the push rod come bend as the valve spring keeper comes down and hits the valve guide.

B&S states there is no repair, take away a new head i m sorry they have actually been replacing because that some people up to 3 year old engines. I do have actually a settle for this IF all else fails.

As because that the camer shaft, I have not heard of that engine having camshaft trouble however it should move about the same amount as the various other valves.

Walt Connerwconner5 at verizon period net


12 year ago

Walt, call us about resetting the guides. Did friend use any loctite or just knurl because that a tight fit? exactly how long have you gone so much w/o any kind of re-occurrence?



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12 years ago

"Walt, call us about resetting the guides. Did girlfriend use any kind of loctite or simply knurl for a chop fit? how long have actually you gone so much w/o any kind of re-occurrence?"

I haven"t in reality tried "My Fix" myself. Ns have argued it to others because that a pair of years. Ns have had no feed ago on lengthy term results.

This is walk to get long. MY deal with was intended because that those heads that were bored with a avoid ridge where the valve guided "bottomed" out and also consisted of cutting a shallow grove around the valve overview with the peak edge even with the surface ar of the head, seating the valve guide and also peening the aluminum of the head around, into, the recess, together you would execute with a valve seat.

Others have since told me the the top no longer have a "stop ridge" however are boring the very same dia. Every the way thru and they have actually been cut 3 shallow groves and filling them through Loctite. This was a machinist and also claimed he had done that multiple times and Loctite held. Ns was concerned about heat and also Loctite.