This track offers us an understanding into the inner functions of Jon Bon Jovi’s mind during the time that penned the song. Prior to we begin, the is worth noting the Jon wrote this tune in a Los Angeles hotel room while recovering native a hangover!The person he is addressing in “Bed the Roses” is a lover that is not with him at the moment.

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And from the song’s chorus, what he is hope he can do for her is come lay her under in a “bed of roses” despite the truth that he at this time sleeps “on a bed that nails”.


Laying her down on a climbed laden bed is apparently a an allegory for exactly how much he desires to take treatment of her and make her happy. And he desires to do her happy regardless of the truth that he right now finds self lying ~ above a “bed that nails” (which is a an allegory for the torturous problem he finds himself in). Just put, he might be suffering right now. However, in the middle of his suffering, the still thinks of nothing yet making his mrs happy.

First verse

Jon begins this verse by letting his listeners aware that heis going v the really unpleasant suffer of a hangover. He additionally drops aline “about movies they won’t make of me once I’m dead”,which to be inspiredby his watching the film“The Doors” i m sorry is centered on a real-life musician who passed away prematurely. Thispassage likely alludes come his an adverse mind state at that time.However, heconcludes the verse by referring to his aforementioned love interest as “allthat (he) needs”.Thus although not feeling particularly good abouthimself, he finds positive outlook in thinking about his woman.

Second Verse

In the 2nd verse, we discover that the is so much in love thathe is willing to invest “a king’s ransom in dimes” simply to pay because that telephonecalls to interact with his boo. And overall, the is an extremely much feather forwardto being through her once again.

Third Verse

There isn’t lot meat in the song’s third verse. That said,in this verse, the narrator (Jon) weaves a humorous tale of one apparentlyunattractive barkeeper that is “giving (him) the eye”.

Fourth Verse

In the fourth, he refers to themusic market as his “mistress”and onceagain reverts back to his depression mind state by expressing that although hemay be surrounded by people, the does not average he is not “lonely”.But heconcludes by as soon as again bigging up his woman together the one the “would dice todefend”.

In all, “Bed the Roses” centers top top two central themes.One is Jon Bon Jovi’s as whole depressing mindframe.The 2nd is the deep love he has actually for his romantic partner. The last is the sentiment that truly defines this song. And also like stated at the start of this post, Jon penned this track in a hotel room while dealing with a major hangover. The text express specifically how the felt in ~ that details moment.

Facts about “Bed the Roses”

This standard was written totally by Jon BonJovi (frontman that Bon Jovi). Detailed Canadian record producer Bob absent producedthis song. “Bed the Roses” come out as a single on the 26thof January 1993. It originally featured together the 5th track top top the group’s 1992albumKeep the Faith. Aside Keepthe Faith, you can additionally find this tune on number of albums the Bon Jovi. Someof this albums includeCross Road(of 1994),ThisLeft feels Right(of 2003), andGreatest Hits(of2010).

Performance top top the Charts

The track, after its release instantly came to be aninternational hit, placing at #1 in Spain. It additionally ranked amongst the famous 10hit monitor on the nationwide chart perform of Canada, Switzerland, Austria, and also theNetherlands.

The track peaked at #10 top top the Billboard’s hot 100. Furthermore, the monitor alsomade it come the 13th point out on the UK Singles chart.

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“Bed that Roses” has actually been spanned by various singers, of whichinclude:

Cassadee Pope (in 2014)Hinder (on your maiden album, entitled,Extreme Behavior).Did “Bed that Roses” success a Grammy?

Despite being one of Bon Jovi’s greatest hits, this songnever earned the band a Grammy.