#Roommates, I’m around to take it you ago to the work of after college snacks and music videos on the T.V., no YouTube.

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Picture this: it’s Friday and also you just slid her backpack off and hopped top top the couch. None other than #106AndPark is on her TV and it’s #FreestyleFriday. There’s a great chance ya young #BlindFury was on the mic battling.

Fury, who has actually been blind because he to be a child, to be arguably the many memorable fight rapper from the 106 and Park era. He conquered the competition, winning main after week with insane, clever rhymes. Fine we recorded up through Fury and also it’s no surprise that due to the fact that his Freestyle Friday appearances, he is still devoted to the music and has some new projects dropping.

He has put out a brochure of music and he’s going to it is in dishing the end more.

“Still in the studio every chance I get, in ~ this point I would say I have 45 or 50 unheard tracks yet I’m gonna start letting them paris by the finish of this year therefore there should be 2 or three tasks from me coming in 2019,” fury said.

TSR: How have you changed to the reputation from her freestyling? Do civilization still recognize you in public?

Fury: It’s all an excellent with me although sometimes it does gain aggravating yet I’m no complaining. I favor the AYE rage what increase & keep it relocating rather than the deserve to I get a pic & the kick a freestyle because that me … LOL …. Either way it’s all an excellent & that is what it is.

TSR: What carry out you think to be your most memorable appearance on 106 and also Park?

Fury: They all were memorable come me yet if I had actually to pick, i would need to pick 2 & those two would be my an initial time v Diddy egging me on which led to me win the first battle & my last time through Jadakiss,Styles P, Swizz Beatz & Jim Jones judging the battle which led to me win the totality freestyle fight title for the year.

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TSR: execute you think battle rap is a dice art? What would you say to young rappers interested in pursuing fight rap?

Fury: No. I don’t think it’s dice at all. I in reality think it’s a component of i know good hop that’ll always be around in the UNDERGROUND.It may get a huge look every when in little bit in the mainstream however it’s always there UNDERGROUND and real hip hop heads the really love this s*** recognize that fight rap is constantly gonna be part of the culture. So to any young rappers pursuing fight rap,all you gotta perform is fight The secret & you’ll find it. (Get ya bars up first tho) LOL

TSR: What space you functioning on now?

Fury: In talks v some people around a TV show based upon my day-to-day in the life of form of thing.There’s nothing concrete yet,the octopus is dry tho however we’ll see how it plays out. On the music side of points I’m just trying to pick a nice batch of joints come come v in the next couple of months.