In the start of October, I'll be helping my friend move from Salem, OR to ras Vegas. Salem's around an hour southern of Portland. We'll be utilizing a 10' Penske moving truck.

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While researching control routes, this site popped increase a lot, for this reason I believed I'd provide it a try!

We have actually 5 job to do the drive, therefore we're no worried about time. Neither of united state have ever before driven a relocating truck before, for this reason we'd choose to take the most safe route feasible for a enlarge vehicle, if one exists. I want to examine here prior to simply plugging right into google maps.

Any advice?

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1.Re: Safest route from Salem, OR (near Portland) to las Vegas
3 year ago

We pull a take trip trailer to fatality Valley every March, and now I'm act a loss trip too. Beginning October friend won't have any problems with weather, I'm sure.

One route we take it from Portland is head southern on I-5 to simply south of Eugene, then SE ~ above 58 come 97 southern to Klamath Falls, then SE come Alturas,(better 보다 going v Susanville with relocating truck on that more narrow, winding road), climate 395 to Reno climate 80 eastern to Fernley/50/Fallon climate 95 southern to Tonopah/Beatty/Vegas.

Now we do a different rout as we can get down to DV a day earlier, just a few hours later. As my wife frequently works in Salem I obtain the trailer over to Camp Sherman cabin so late afternoon, she drives over from Salem by 6:30 pm. We then drive the trailer v Sisters/Bend on us 20 come beautiful Burns whereby we spend the night. Next morning head SE top top 78/95 come Winnemucca, NV, 80 to battle Mountain , NV, then 305 come Austin, 376 come Tonopah climate 95 on down. Directly eleven hour shot for us. Yet you could do it more normal 2 day trip. Winnemucca is halfway and a pretty town.

You deserve to google those routes from Salem. We favor that second route together it is much less congested 보다 going through Klamath Falls and Reno and less speed restrictions which you have actually in CA. There are still many of motels and also gas stations along the way. It is an ext isolated however less hectic. Girlfriend would need to close which course works finest for a night end from Salem.

Both paths are for sure and very easy. I've done those cd driver twenty times v trailers since 2010.

The first route, 58 over the Willamette pass is the simplest of all the Oregon Cascades passes and also is used frequently by the big truck/trailer rigs. Very gradual v a few little curve at the height with a progressive straight decent into main Oregon to 97.

The second route across the Santiam Pass, which i drive every couple of weeks, has actually a bit more steeper curve going end the pass however is among the most greatly traveled passes into main Oregon. The vine maples and vast leaf maples will certainly be transforming colors by then. The vine maples already are. A little bit of congestion going through Sisters and also Bend however then clear sailing after that.

Either way you will certainly be fine and that time that year is ideal, weather wise.

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There are amazing stops on both courses I can tell you about when you select your route. The an initial route ns think has much more interesting places to stop yet we choose the 2nd these days.