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The Ventricular SystemThe ventricular mechanism is separated into 4 cavities dubbed ventricles, i beg your pardon are associated by a collection of holes dubbed foramen, and tubes. Two ventricles enclosed in the cerebral hemispheres are referred to as the lateral ventricles (first and second). Lock each communicate with the third ventricle v a separate opening called the Foramen of Munro. The third ventricle is in the facility of the brain, and also its walls are consisted of of the thalamus and hypothalamus.The 3rd ventricle connects with the fourth ventricle with a lengthy tube referred to as the Aqueduct of Sylvius. CSF flowing through the fourth ventricle flows about the brain and spinal cord through passing through another collection of openings.Cerebrospinal FluidThe room between the arachnoid and also the pia mater, the subarachnoid space, contains CSF. The ventricles the the brain contain vascular choroid plexuses, native which CSF is formed. This fluid circulates with the ventricles, start the subarachnoid space, and also eventually filters right into the venous system. CSF protects the brain which usually floats. It serves to minimize damage from blows come the head and also neck.CSF surrounds or bathes the brain and the spinal cord. It"s a clear, watery and nearly protein-free liquid that acts together a liquid buffer for the security of the concerned tissue. It likewise compensates for transforms in blood volume within the cranium.CSF circulates between the pia mater and also the arachnoid mater that the meninges. In addition to cushioning blows, this fluid reduces the press at the base of the mind by bring about the nerve tissue to "float". The brain normally maintains a balance in between the amount of CSF the is took in and the amount that is developed causing the pressure approximately the brain to it is in constantly balanced.The CSF is produced and circulates with a series of connecting cavities or networks called ventricles. The ventricles allow the CSF come flow roughly the spinal cord and also brain, while constantly being absorbed and replenished. A committed structure within each ventricle, dubbed the choroid plexus, is responsible for the bulk of CSF production.CSF is secreted by the choroid plexus in the top ventricles and absorbed by the venous mechanism at the basic of the brain.

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Together this fluid flows downward, it carries away toxicity wastes and also moves hormones between widely separated regions of the brain. The arachnoid villi and arachnoid granulations room responsible for the drainage the CSF into the venous sinuses that the cranial dura and also the spinal veins.The CSF might be check by way of lumbar puncture (LP) or spinal tap.