If you"re looking for musicians i beg your pardon names start with the letter y, you"ve come to the right place. Whatever brought you below - a research study study, refreshing your memory throughout an online questionnaire, or just interested in the letter y – we have a many of groups in the list listed below to help you out. There has to be something for everybody, from absent acts to hip-hop MCs.

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Yeah yeah Yeahs


Karen O, Nick Zinner, and also Brian Chase kind the indie rock team Yeah yes Yeahs, which is just one of the most popular rock action of the past two decades. Even though it"s challenging to check out the yeah Yeah Yeahs together anything yet the brilliant, reckless art-punk innovators who initially erupted the end of new York City approximately the beginning of 2000, their journey could have quickly gone in a different direction.

Karen Lee Orzolek, a southern Korean-native singer, and also experimental guitarist Nick Zinner"s early musical initiative was an acoustical duet named Unitard, quite than developing the vibrant sonic framework that easily gained them both reputation and also financial success. Karen, on the other hand, had been impressed by the enlarge avant-garde bands that generally played in ~ her home school, Ohio"s Oberlin University, in the late 1990s, for this reason the duet moved ago to the drawing board after significant debate end their creative direction.

The trio was so fired up the they occurred a fill of brand-new songs at their first practice, and their an initial sample document secured lock NYC support gigs v two that America"s hottest brand-new acts, The Strokes, and also the White Stripes. This earliest yeah Yeah Yeahs concert solidified the band"s call immediately.

They developed their self-titled breakthrough EP in 2001 with Jerry Teel of boss Hogg and published the under their very own Shifty label.

The melancholy "Maps" native the yes Yeah Yeahs" debut album, heat To Kill, is their most famous song. In 2009, the british music newspaper selected "Maps" together the finest alternate love track of music history.



Yeasayer to be a Brooklyn-based alternate rock group that began in 2006. Chris Keating, Ira wolf Tuton, and also Anand Wilder comprised the group. ~ above December 19, 2019, they confirmed their separation.

Chris Keating, Ira wolf Tuton, and Anand Wilder, the band"s three starting members, originally acquired popularity ~ performing at the SXSW fest in early 2007. While still being in high school, Keating and Wilder encountered and also began rehearsing together about Baltimore"s Park School.

The band"s formation is unexplained in that Keating and Wilder are both front singers and also primary composers, and the band as a totality produces the music. The melody "Sunrise" and "2080" consisted of their debut single"s twin A-side. Both tracks may be discovered on every Hour Cymbals, their an initial album. The band"s music has actually been characterized as "middle eastern psych-snap-gospel."

Wilder has mentioned Indian themes indigenous the 1970s, Mapfumo recordings, and Celtic folk as being motivation for tune lyrics. Countless critics complimented the CD for its "sacred" elements.

The trio got popular for their musical shows, which commonly included kaleidoscopic effects while promoting their breakthrough release.

Years & Years


Years & year is british vocalist Olly Alexander"s independent act. Years & Years" work has actually been characterized as electronic pop with Rhythm and blues and also 90s home undertones, originally started in 2010. Communion, the band"s an initial studio album, peaked at #1 on the UK Singles graph in 2015, becoming the year"s fastest-selling single album by the UK licensed act.

The largest breakthrough track "King" native their first record Communion arrived on the optimal 10 the the UK Singles graph in 2015, and additionally charted in Australia, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Luxembourg. Native the very same record, their tune "Shine" do it to number 2 ~ above the UK Singles Chart.

The group revealed on Instagram in march 2021 the their forthcoming album would be basically an individual job-related of Olly Alexander, yet would be published under the tape label. Mikey will continue to do with the tape onstage, if Emre will certainly concentrate on his career together a composer and also producer.



Yellowcard had actually been one American rock group that began in 1997 in Florida and also relocated to southerly California in 2000. The musician"s access time "Ocean Avenue," "Only One," and also "Lights and also Sounds" are the many well-known. The intake of a violin prominently in the band"s music sets that apart from rather in that is field.

After collection at Douglas Anderson college of the arts in Florida in 1997, Yellowcard was founded. The group"s name is obtained from a term used by its founders in high school: if who did anything dumb in ~ a party, such as putting alcohol top top the rug, castle invoked soccer regulations and also issued a "yellow card" because that performing a "party foul."

Ben Dobson top top singing, Todd Clary on rate guitar and as command singer, Ben Harper top top guitars, Warren Cooke ~ above basses, and also Longineu Parsons III top top percussion created Yellowcard"s an initial composition. Ryan vital of contemporary Amusement and also violinist Sean Mackin both participated together guests on backing vocals.

Featuring Michael beam FitzGerald together the lead, Yellowcard developed their debut EP at the Music Factory. The group"s debut studio album, whereby We Stand, used the very same line-up as Midget Tossing, v Mackin added for extra tracks. The group soon dismissed Dobson and substituted him v Key, a vault guest singer. The group"s style shifted from hardcore punk come pop-rock together a result of this.

The tape went on a three-year vacation beginning in 2008. They walk handyman occupational throughout the time: crucial cut under trees in Georgia, Parsons to be a drummer because that Adam Lambert, and also Mackin marketed vehicles.

Jon Anderson, chris Squire, Peter Banks, Tony Kaye, and also Bill Bruford developed the British advanced rock team that is admired and loved approximately the world.

The tape from London, Yes are the masters of progressive and artistic rock, v an orchestral touch ~ above occasions. Their music enjoyment audiences and divided an adverse opinion, with specific people believing the trio helped carry in the alternate style of punk music.

Yes, albums, ~ above the various other hand, are difficult to slam in regards to musical successes. The band"s debut recordings had an excellent composition that transferred right into captivating showmanship, many thanks to the dexterity the frontman Jon Anderson, guitarists Peter Baker and also ultimately Steve Howe, and the classically-trained keyboardists in team line-ups – rick Wakeman being among the most recognized.

Where together listeners might conflict the services of complying with line-ups, the correctly sound was no necessarily jeopardized by management changes. Trevor Horn and also Geoff Downes the the Buggles join Drama, giving them a brand-new generation brand acknowledgment that brought about the breakthrough track "Owner OfA Lonely Heart," the sole Billboard hot 100 No. 1.

Yes art continues to be in high demand. Yes room an exciting experience, yet one that millions have adopted. They are generally rejected or ridiculed by elitism. However, that is not their fault.



Dieter Meier and also Boris Blank, a Swiss experimental electronic pop duet, have actually a long history of generating a couple of of music"s many recognizable tunes.

Despite their timeless 80s standards like "Oh Yeah" and also the UK top 10 breakthrough "The Race," ground-breaking Swiss electro-popstarscollaborative efforts with musicians, and also soundtrack performances to films like Nuns ~ above The Run and The an enig Of mine Success, have actually all been part of Yello"s incredibly broad repertoire.

The Zurich-based style"s paper definition carries a small resemblance to the impecunious, squat-level method of living or the primitive three-chord, guitar-based elevator noise that most of the meaningful short article outfits thumped through prior to they smacked onto their own unique tones, regardless of the reality that they very first staged in the so late 1970s.

Meier had released a solo song, "Cry for Fame," and also a 7" through the short-lived band Fresh shade for Zurich label periphery Perfume prior to the production of Yello.

In the joined States, Yello"s an initial two albums, hard Pleasure and also Claro Que Si were released by Ralph, when in the united Kingdom, they were released by the short-lived execute It label. Also though neither track charted, among the releases, "Bostich," gained to No. 23 top top the Billboard dance chart in the united States. Meanwhile, both LPs obtained widespread an important praise and were adopted by the then-popular Futuristic and new Romantic parties.

Yello is still in good shape, also though they are only two years away from their 40th anniversary and Dieter Meier is already a geriatric. Their lasting accomplishments in music have been known in recent years v a series of vital anthology albums.

Young the Giant


Young the gigantic is one American absent group started in 2004. Sameer Gadhia together lead vocals, Jacob Tilley on guitar, Eric Cannata top top rhythmic guitar, Payam Doostzadeh as bassist, and Francois Comtois as percussionist make up the group"s personnel. Young the Giant, originally dubbed The Jakes, has been recruited through Roadrunner records in 2009 and published your self-titled first album the complying with year.

The bulk of the group"s members to be still in high school when the band began to develop, with some of them being as young as 15 years old. Sameer Gadhia and Jacob Tilley are currently the only active bandmates the were existing during that time. Gadhia available "Young the Giant" together a title because the team determined they were bored of your old name, although, the frontman insurance claims it has no special definition or importance.

Young the Giant"s founders dropped the end of college to focus exclusively on the group. They did, however, go v the procedure in a very responsible manner. Lock dressed up, created brochures relenten what they hope to accomplish, and also met with their parents for 4 hours of discussion. The members of the group have every been friends because that a long time, dating earlier to high institution or, in some examples, primary school.

Even though Young the large is well-known for that is cheerful, lively sound, Morrissey, the command vocalist of the typically gloomy Smiths, has complimented them.

Young Knives

Young knives is an experimental rock tape from England, that started in 1998. Henry Dartnall top top vocals and also guitars, cutting board Bonsu-Dartnall ~ above basses and also singing, and also Oliver Askew top top percussion make up the group.

The band was developed in 1998 under the title straightforward Pastoral Existence and also then adjusted to Ponyclub prior to switching their surname to The Young velvet after discovering one more musician through the exact same moniker.Young Knives" breakthrough mini-album "The Young Knives space Dead" was released in 2002, and they"ve since produced 4 finish albums. In 2008, the band deleted the definite post from the title and went under the location "Young Knives."

Youth Group


Youth team is a Sydney-based indie rock team licensed through Ivy organization Records. Frontmen Toby Martin, guitarist Cameron Emerson-Elliott, bass player Patrick Matthews, and percussionist Danny Lee Allen comprise the group"s existing line-up.

The tape was created in 1996 by Narrabundah university classmates Paul Murphy, Toby Martin, and Andy Cassell, and is based in the Canberra indie music community. Danny Lee Allen, the 4th pioneer, never stayed in Canberra, but instead to be born and also raised in Maroubra and also later Sydney, whereby he met Paul in ~ Marcellin college in Randwick.

In the center of 2006, your track "Forever Young," a remake of Alphaville"s 1984 hit, was included in the tv present The O.C. And also extensively promoted in commercials because that Aussie television network Channel 10. In march 2006, the single launched in ~ No. 2 ~ above the Australian charts and also later got to No. 1.

Before walk on retirement, Youth team performed everywhere the United claims two time in 2009, and likewise performed for death Cab because that Cutie in Sydney. In spite of the truth that the tape is quiet on familiar terms, they space concentrating on other pursuits. In 2015, the tape reformed to execute live concerts.

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The team reassembled again in so late 2016 and also is scheduled to beginning a brand-new record in October 2019.