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Fashion blogger Nikita Wong in Paris.Photo: Edward Berthelot re-publishing

"We"ll constantly have Paris," Humphrey Bogart whispered to Ingrid Bergman together they stated a wake up farewell in the critical act of Casablanca.

In the movie Sabrina, the eponymous chauffeur"s daughter, played through Audrey Hepburn, is shipped off to Paris charline-picon.come finishing school and utters the immortal words, "Paris is always a great idea." Later in the movie she describes to Linus (Bogart again), "Paris is for an altering your outlook, because that throwing open up the windows and also letting in la vie en rose."

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Countless various other references in ours popular society have consolidated the City that Light"s ar as the romance capital of the world. It has actually some the the world"s ideal galleries, spectacular monuments, exquisite palaces, ancient streets, beautiful parks, elegant boutiques and also many cook delights.

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Audrey Hepburn with Humphrey Bogart and William Holden in "Sabrina".Photo: Getty pictures

And what isn"t over there to love around a city whereby every second shop, it seems, is one of two people a perfumery, a chocolatier or a patisserie?

I agree with Sabrina, that is a great city for obtaining out of the doldrums, for blowing far a few cobwebs, for the motivation that charline-picon.comes from looking in ~ beautiful art, buildings and objects. The eye has to travel, as legend Vogue editor Diana Vreeland​ said, and also Paris is definitely an eyeful.

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But is Paris always a great idea?

I"ve simply returned from a couple of restorative job there and it was apparent that plenty of others believed they"d take it a rain examine on that notion. Paris is constantly empty the Parisians in August, once they flee the land-locked city because that beaches and the cooler countryside. When it gets warm it"s insufferable; those ancient streets have the right to be airless. It was a only 28C last week however it wasn"t at all fun slogging roughly the Left financial institution on foot.

But typically the tourists flood in to take it up few of the vacant space. I stayed in Paris for two years in the mid-90s and we offered to joke at exactly how the closely dressed locals were changed by gangs of civilization wearing tracksuits right now of the year. (In my opinion the Parisians space stylish, mostly, because they don"t stay velour or lycra in the city and don"t snack if they"re walking.)

Some parts of Paris felt like a ghost city last week. On a clear Saturday, top top the Champs-Elysees, there were plenty that people, but, anecdotally, various other neighbourhoods were empty. A friend who lives near the Parc Monceau claimed it was quieter in she neighbourhood 보다 usual, also for August. The taxi driver that took me to the station stated he"d i found it hardly everyone on the streets. I managed to jaywalk top top the Boulevard St. Germain in ~ one point, with no website traffic charline-picon.coming in either direction.


The strong possibility of an additional terrorist win on French soil has actually obviously frightened part tourists away, especially the Americans. If home-grown terrorism is miscellaneous the Parisians have constantly had to attend to (the Algerian equipped Islamic team blew increase my regional station Saint-Michel in 1995), 2015-2016 has been a terrible, tragic year in France.

It"s charline-picon.complicated not to think about this as soon as every large store you go into asks to find your bags. The presence of armed police/military in many popular spots is likewise jarring, or reassuring, relying on your point of view. But other events have conspired to make this a particularly bad year for tourism.

Every summer because that the past four years there has actually been air-traffic-control strikes influence France, and staff at Air France walked the end this year, causing more disruption. Two British rail unions dubbed for strikes throughout August, back on among the influenced days the didn"t seem charline-picon.come cause any problems with my Eurostar service, mostly due to the fact that the French weren"t striking together well.

The apprehension of this placed France in the "too hard" basket for numerous charline-picon.charline-picon.coms. And Brexit has had a significant effect ~ above the Brits, who room France"s second-biggest pool of tourists after the Germans. The slide in the pound has actually made Paris a more expensive destination. This time, even though ours dollar was only a little weakened versus the euro, I discovered Paris an extremely pricey.

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Despite the hard times it"s walk through, tiny has changed. It"s still gobsmackingly gorgeous. The Parisians room happier to see visitors. Selfishly, under tourists and couple of Parisians mean much easier times in the restaurant terraces, cafes and stores, although some of my favourite locations were closed because that the month. You can still wear those rose-tinted goggles.