The heater valve is integral to a vehicle’s cooling system. Instead of one calls for a brand-new valve, some simple tools, and also fresh coolant.

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Step 1: Disconnect the battery. Loosen the hold down nut and bolt native the an unfavorable battery cable end and remove the connector indigenous the battery post. This will prevent any type of shorts native damaging the electric components.

Tip: If the automobile is one automatic with a shifter in the console, you may want to location the automobile in short gear before disconnecting the battery to give you much more space to work.


Step 2: raise the vehicle. If you deserve to not easily reach the lower radiator hose, jack the automobile up and also secure the on jack stands come gain much better access.


Step 3: place the drain pan under the vehicle. In stimulate to catch the coolant that will certainly be drained, you will must put the drain pan underneath the lower radiator hose.


Step 4: eliminate the reduced radiator hose. Eliminate the lower radiator water tap from the radiator by very first loosening the clamp and also then gently however firmly twisting the hose to ensure the it is not stuck on.

Tip: Oftentimes the hose will certainly stick as if the is glued in place. By twisting, you deserve to break this bond and make it much simpler to remove.

Remove the hose and drain the engine coolant right into the drain pan.


Step 5: locate your heater regulate valve. Part heater control valves will certainly be located in the engine compartment at or close to the passenger side firewall. Rather are located behind the dashboard near the passenger footwell.

Refer to the factory business manual for your car to recognize the precise location. In this guide, that is assumed the the regulate valve is located behind the dash.

Note: for the procedures that follow, friend will need to continue referring come the factory service manual for details around what needs to be removed and the location and number of fasteners that should be eliminated as well.


Step 6: eliminate the glove box assembly open the gloves box door and locate the attachments screws situated along the outer edge of the glove box. Remove the screws through the proper screwdriver or ratchet and socket. Gently traction on the gloves box assembly to eliminate from dash and disconnect any type of electrical connectors associated to the glove box assembly.


Step 7: eliminate the dashboard. Find the attachment screws, typically along the height edge and bottom edges. There may be other fasteners top top the sides, escape on vehicle design. Remove the attachments screws using an ideal tool. Gently however firmly pull on the dashboard and slowly remove it, making certain to disconnect any kind of remaining electrical connectors that might prevent friend from removed the dashboard.

Be careful not to traction on any type of wire or manage cables.

Tip: Take images of exactly how the wires and also cables room routed and where every the electrical connectors go. Later you deserve to use the photos to ensure everything is put ago together properly.

At this point you may see the heater regulate valve, but in some situations you will need to remove the heater box to gain access.


Step 8: remove the heater manage valve locate the mounting bolts or screws that organize the heater regulate valve in place.

Remove the fasteners with an suitable tool and also remove the valve. Pay attention to its orientation.

Step 9: Prepare the hoses. To help prevent leaks, thoroughly clean the interior of any hoses that were removed and the component you are reattaching the to.

Step 10: install the new heater regulate valve. Install the brand-new valve in the exact same position and also orientation as the old valve.

Step 11: Reassemble the dashboard and glove box. Reinstall the dashboard, glove box, and also any other contents that to be removed.

Refer to the photos friend took earlier if necessary.

Step 12: change the lower radiator hose. Reattach the reduced radiator hose and also tighten the hose clamp.


Step 13: Refill the cooling system. Use a 50/50 mixture that antifreeze and distilled or demineralized water come refill the cooling system.

Step 14: Bleed all the wait out. To obtain all the air out of the cooling system, friend will must start the vehicle, rotate the heater on high, and permit the auto to attain normal operating temperature.

Keep topping off the coolant as required until the system is entirely full, checking because that leaks where hoses were removed and installed.

Step 15: Clean up afterward. Dispose of the supplied coolant in a way that corresponds to neighborhood laws and also regulations.

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Each auto model is design differently; therefore it is crucial to refer to the manufacturer’s factory business manual because that your automobile for extr details. If you would like a professional technician, such as one from, to replace your heater control valve for you, among our cell phone mechanics have the right to work top top your automobile at your house or office.