hush, hushed, inaudible, low, muffled, mute, muted, noiseless, peaceful, quiet, secretive, silent, soft, soundless, quiet

Idiom scenario 1

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Some students are working in their college library. They space talking and joking and also making rather a many noise. The librarian approaches them and also says ...

"You require to be as quiet as mice in here. This is a library. Shh!"

Idiom script 2

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Peter has just bought a brand-new car. It is a very modern-day hybrid car. When the auto is walking slowly, it operation on batteries and is really very quiet. Peter's friend comments that his new car ...

runs as quiet together a mouse.

to it is in quiet together a mouse - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 53

to be quiet as a mouse - Examples:

1) ns am quiet as a mouse in the early morning because I carry out not desire to wake up up mine family.

2) You space quiet as a mouse once you go hunting.

3) the is quiet as a mouse when he access time the library.

4) She is quiet as a mouse if she desires to take French leaving from work without gift discovered.

5) Your new washing device runs quiet as a mouse.

6) We room quiet as mice as soon as we visit the museum.

7) you (all) room quiet as mice when you (all) are sneaking right into the residence late at night.

8) They are quiet together mice as soon as they do not want to it is in discovered.

9) her eyes were wide, startled; she satellite quiet as a mouse.

10) ns creep quiet as a mouse.

11) i am make the efforts to be quiet as a mouse, since I don't desire to wake the Goddess.

12) What about all those times Gretel would say' quiet as a mouse' as they didn't desire them listening anything native the outside.

13) us didn't dare perform anything various other than lie quiet as a mouse on the floor for three-and-a-half hours until the police discovered us.

14) since they're every downloads the system remains quiet as a mouse throughout.

15) She satellite there as quiet as a mouse and also wouldn't to speak anything.

16) Our house was together quiet as a mouse after she'd gone.

17) i bet in the real human being you're together quiet as a mouse.

18) later that job driving earlier to Dublin with Tess together quiet as a mouse in the auto I maintained thinking about the wonder of nature.

19) when someone is as quiet as a mouse, they do no noise at all.

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20) one elephant have the right to be as secretive and also quiet as a mouse and also disappear right into the woodland like a ghost.