Results:Option #1Option #2
Pizza size: Large 14"Jumbo 18"
Pizza area (sq in): 153.94254.47
Pizza area comparison: 60.49%165.31%
Cost every pizza: 14.2420.74
Cost per sq in: 0.09250.0815
Slices every pizza: 68
Slice area (sq in): 25.6631.81
Slice area comparison: 80.66%123.98%
Cost every slice: 2.372.59

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The mathematical formula because that circle area calculation deserve to be supplied to compare pizza and slice sizes. This is most likely one that the case when other we"ve learned in school can help in the genuine life. Utilizing this formula we deserve to make an educated decision i beg your pardon pizza dimension to choose based on the quantity of pizza and/or relative cost.

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To calculate the area that a ring pizza we need two values: the number Pi i beg your pardon is equal to 3.14159.. And the diameter or size of the pizza. Most usual pizza sizes and also their particular diameter worths are: small - 10", tool - 12", big - 14", X-large - 16", and also XX-large or Jumbo - 18".To begin, us calculate the square of the diameter (or simply multiply the diameter value by itself), climate multiply that by Pi, and also then division the an outcome by 4.

The formula to calculation the area A that a round pizza is shown below:A = 3.14159 × d 2 ÷ 4where d is the diameter of the pizza.


The area that a rectangular pizza can be figured out by multiply the length L by the broad W:A = l × W To calculate the area the a part we require to recognize the length r of the part side (the radius of the pizza) and also the main angle θ between sides (in degrees):As = ( θ ÷ 360 ) × 3.14159 × r 2Alternatively, if the variety of slices the pizza was cut into is known, the area the a slice have the right to be calculated by dividing the area that the totality pizza by the number of slices.


Pizza sizecompare to→Small 10"Medium 12"Large 14"X-large 16"Jumbo 18"
base↓Pizzaarea (sq in)78.54113.10153.94201.06254.47
Large 14"153.94196.0%136.1%100.0%76.6%60.5%

The table above shows various pizza sizes provided as the rows and also columns headers, corresponding area values, and also what percent the area the one pizza is that the area the another.

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To compare areas of two pizzas find the heat in the table corresponding the very first pizza and also then locate the column equivalent to the 2nd pizza. The number located at the intersection will show the percent value the the area that the first pizza contrasted to the area that the second one.For example, the area that a tool 12" pizza is just 56.3% that the area that a X-large 16" pizza.