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… as soon as again researched for you by Peter Green, four Seasons Tree Care’s Tree wellness Manager. Our score is for each Leaflet to it is in concise, yet extremely informative, as we check out the miscellaneous tree issues you might encounter right here in mountain Diego. This will certainly be a short look in ~ the beautiful Tipuana tipu, or Tipu Tree.

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 The Tree: Tipuana tipu (pronounced “TIP-poo-ah-nuh TEE-poo”)The Problem: also messy. Grows too fast. Invasive roots. Psyllid infestations.The Treatment: Plant in correct place. Find out to live through the mess.

The City of san Diego ‘Street Tree choice Guide’ explains the Tipu Tree together a large-canopied, deciduous flower tree through a height and also spread of over 40 feet. It proposal a 7 to 10 foot parkway area v a minimum cutout the 40 square feet.

As a tree business company, we get year-round complaints around these trees. In at an early stage spring they look terrible prior to the flowers and also leaves appear. In early summer they make a substantial mess as soon as the numerous flowers fall off. In mid-summer, the Psyllids fall copious quantities of sticky honeydew. By fall they have actually grown 12 foot long whip-like branches the hang in the street and also sidewalks. Mid-winter lock drop most of your leaves. And also finally, by the finish of winter, human being are complaining around hardscape damage from invasive roots.

Personally, ns think this are an extremely attractive big trees. They have actually a nice huge deep environment-friendly canopy, exorbitant flowers, and also they thrive vigorously in our mountain Diego climate. As an added bonus, castle don’t show up to be negatively influenced by our city-mandated reduced water use. Together a company, we like these trees due to the fact that they generate a healthy amount of service for us. We have to clearance prune them as soon as a year. We apply insecticides and also growth regulators to store residents’ complaints come a short murmur. Then, after a couple of years we remove them because they to be planted in locations too tiny to assistance their size.

Is the Tipu a good tree to plant?

Yes! rapid growing, relatively tough tree with an excellent shade and also pretty flowers. Or, No! rapid growing, confusing tree through problematic roots. One of two people way, have actually realistic expectations for these trees.

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