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I have some 24 inch rims and also tires on mine 09 ram 1500 crew cab. Should I switch earlier to my factory rims and tires, perform the 24 inch reason damage because of the weight, ns habe 38,000 mile on mine truck and also shocks have actually went out and also rack and also pinion have additionally went out. Nothing covered under vouch anyways however was looking in ~ getting prolonged warranty, i would need to buy some new factory rims as I offered mine come a buddy when I an initial got my van in 09

24"s shouldnt cause any kind of damage to her truck. Ns have had them ~ above both of mine trucks and also i have never had an issue. Now you do have to adjust your driving habbits cant hit pot holes as hard due to the absence of rubber. One you need to keep them balanced and rotated to obtain the max life out of them. Ns drive rather rapid with mine hwy speed of 75-90 and also have never had a issue and also my truck has a 2/4 drop.
I have actually never had any kind of issues through my 24s either ns was just curious the long term deal, ns have had mine for around 21,000 miles on my truck, however do castle void the guarantee out?

24"s space going to placed some quantity of added stress ~ above the rack and pinion, PS pump, and tie stick ends due to the fact that of the additional weight, but as lengthy as friend aren"t consistently turning the steering wheel while in ~ a dead avoid it shouldn"t be a big deal. I have 135k miles on my truck v heavier wheels/tires and I"m still 100% OEM share on the steering components.

Your truck will certainly literally break in half one morning w 24"s. I"ll profession you my OEM 20"s to aid a brother out. I gained your back!
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It can be as result of your offset, I"ve check out where a negative offset deserve to put added stresses on your suspension. Not sure what your running.

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24s renders the truck look nicer yet are heavier and also makes your truck slower, wears the end ur brakes and suspension, and ride is no really smooth (especially if not correctly balanced). The 20s are far better in speed, wear ~ above breaks and smooth ride. I have had actually 24s.. 22s.. And 20s. The best wheels ns will ever before buy again for a truck is 22s and also 20s for a car..
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