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My wife and I to buy a 2010 Dodge grand Caravan Crew and also was reasoning of acquisition a trip across the country. To aid save on our travel costs we were thinking of resting in our van around every other night. I checked through a couple of camp sites favor the KOA’s and also they would rent us a tent website for around $25.00. Has actually anyone ever slept in over there van and how walk you have actually it set up?:gr_patrio

I have a "99 so ns dont have actually th fold down seats yet I left the earlier two row seats out and laid an waiting mattress in there and also slept prefer a baby.One thing to think about is the weather outside.If it"s hot and also sticky you"ll require fresh screened windows presents a problem if you"re in a buggy area.The cold is a little easier....just open up a window a bit....unless it"s above freezing a rainnig and also cold :-(It"s constantly what you make of it. When you"re tired enough you can sleep standing increase hey, and also waking up through that $35 - $100 quiet in your pocket start the job off real good.
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If you"re sleeping in your van why bother with the camp site? I"m sure you can discover a great place come park because that the night for totally free and sleep.RB
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i sleep in my 96 GC all the time....when im fact i had a practice mattress make from a very high top quality closed cell foam (its more comfortable than my bed at home!) and also had it spanned in a very plush brown ultra suede....i contact her the "chocolate queen"....heh.actually.....were ns travel and also camp mainly in socal the weather is perfect so i just throw the Queen top top the desert floor and also sleep under the stars.....however choose last thanksgiving, as soon as we went to MX we had heavy rain and also high winds most of the me, mine girlfriend, 2 dogs and all the gear held increase in "VANARYL" it rotates the weather passed....bottom line? my 1996 woodland Green Dodge cool Caravan 3.8L an awesome travelin machine....thats why i have two.
I"ve just taken a pair of roadtrips in my 2000 cool Caravan. Ns slept in the ago every night. Ns took every the seat out and was an extremely comfortable ~ above a straightforward and cheap role out foam pad. The only thing is the I had to sleep right down the middle of the van because the ridges about where the seats insert into the floor were uncomfortable come sleep on. With two that you, I would certainly recommend an inflatable mattress -- the is, if the 2010"s still have those uncomfortable ridges.I had actually a very easy time pulling into rest areas, take trip plazas, hotel parking lots, grocery store parking lots, ... National woodlands are cost-free to stay in. Part roads have scenic overlooks the are an excellent for overnight van-camping. I recommend pass a battery it is provided radio or portable DVD player, and also a flashlight or two, so that you aren"t tempted to drain the van"s battery.