Advantages/Strengths• Quick and also easy means to organize the data so the the circulation of the data deserve to be easily seen (i.e., swarm of data, gaps in data, or bellshaped distribution) • Every item of data is visible • Mean, median, mode, and selection or spread of data easily identified • A working draft that have the right to be easily used to produce a pictograph, bar graph, or other representation • can be developed while tallying the data if the selection is well-known Limitationsmitations* • Not useful for very large data sets • Not useful for data v a huge number that data values

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Advantages/Strengths • similar to line plot but an ext practical for big data sets with couple of data worths • precise data deserve to be reconstructed if data have actually not been grouped right into categories • circulation of data have the right to be easily seen (i.e.,clusters the data, gaps in data, or bell-shaped distribution) • variety or spread out of data is easily identified • Mode(s) can be quickly seen • Mean and also median deserve to be identified with some initiative • can be supplied to represent numerical or categorical data Limitations • Not useful for data with a huge number that data worths • Two collaborates must be review to completely understand the graph • Data need to be tallied former tocreating graph • Scaling, labeling, and readability should be thought about when producing this graph
Advantages/Strengths • specific data have the right to be rebuilded • less complicated to check out the shape of the data as soon as the number of data values and also size that data collection are about the exact same • teams data values using their number • circulation of data can easily be seen (i.e., swarm of data, gaps in data, or bell- shaped distribution) • selection or spread out of data is easily established • Mean, median, and also mode have the right to be calculated • Back-to-back graphs that this kind can compare two different sets that data Limitations *Limitations* • Not useful for very huge data sets because sorting andreorganizing data deserve to be time-consuming • an ext restrictive 보다 histograms are because the dimension of theirclasses (groups) is based upon their last digits. Histograms room not restricted to any kind of class length.
• convenient for representing big quantities that data • General circulation of data deserve to be conveniently seen • similar to stem-and-leaf plots but without the certain data worths • size of class is not minimal Limitationstations* • details data values are lost—data can not be reconstructed • appearance of the data"s distribution can be manipulated depending upon numbering scale supplied • specific mean, median, mode, and selection cannot be determined
Advantages/Strengths • mirrors the part-to-whole relationship between data • swarm numerical data into teams • easier to watch the fraction of the data satisfying specific conditions Limitationstions* • specific data values are lost—data cannot be rebuilded • precise mean, median, mode, and range of original numerical data can not be determined
Advantages/Strengths • efficient representation for large quantities of data • variety can be identified • Outliers can be revealed • Median and also interquartile arrays are easily figured out • Plots using different sets that data deserve to be easily contrasted when graphed top top the exact same scale Limitationsmitations* • particular data values are lost—data can not be rebuilded • Mean and also mode cannot be determined
Advantages/Strengths • shows relationship between two different variables • If a pattern or trend exists in ~ the relationship, generalizations and/or predictions deserve to be do Limitationsons* • specific data cannot always be determined—only approximate values will be possible at times • given there space two values represented at any given point, steps of center are not informative
Advantages/Strengths • shows the readjust between two various variables (where frequently one variable may be time) Limitationss* • can be misleading because of scale sensitivity • Only suitable for displaying 2 variables v one an live independence variable being observed specifically once at constant intervals


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