I really want my life to count for something greater than myself. And i really believe that if I want my life come matter, than I must find out to live right into the points that matter to God. Of course, the begs the question, “What matters to God?”, to which the prophet Micah responds:

“To execute justly, come love mercy, and to to walk humbly.”

For me, these three statements end up being a vision statement because that my life, and also my tattoo reminds me of the daily:

Do Justice

That everyday I would certainly fight for the reason of justice in this world: to be a voice because that those who have no voice; to wake up for those who cannot was standing at all; and to aid those less fortunate 보다 myself.

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Love Mercy

To love those about me wholeheartedly; to extend grace and forgiveness, acknowledging my very own deep need for grace and mercy.

Walk Humbly

That i would learn to lug humility with me wherever i go, accepting the opinions and beliefs of others without judgement or a false feeling of self-righteousness.

Do Love Walk.

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Thanks to Mara Zepeda for her stunning design and calligraphy work, and also for Wildfire Tattoos because that their excellent ink interpretation.

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For you, Daddy! says:

>Can A Christian acquire a Tattoo?– Whoa! I never thought of the this way.

Years ago, once I was in my late teens, I want to get a tattoo. Earlier then, it no as typical as the is today. I was “a good child” (according to mine parents), so as soon as I come up v weird wishes, they sat down, speak it over v me, and also usually relented. So ns went top top to get multiple ear piercings and a sleep ring. I chickened the end of a belly switch ring in ~ the last moment and also never got a tattoo due to the fact that I did not find anything that “felt prefer me”.

>What are my motives for wanting a tattoo? Am i seeking to glorify God– Nope. God walk not also factor in.

>or draw attention come myself?– No. I had actually planned to get it someplace where many wouldn’t check out it.

>Will mine tattoo be a source of contention because that my loved ones?– Wasn’t with my parents at the moment of discussion. They no overtly thrilled, but did no forbid me either.

>Will acquiring a tattoo cause me come disobey mine parents?– Oh, the above question was expected for a significant other. ‘Not applicable’ will do. See over answer for the ‘rents reaction.

>Will my tattoo reason someone that is weak in the confidence to stumble?– Wow. A tattoo can do that?

>Do Love Walk.– it is brave, ns think.

I nothing wear my confidence openly. I favor to let mine words and also deeds speak for me. That the exact same with mine tree hugging practices and my healthy and balanced lifestyle choices. As soon as noticed and questioned, I will certainly elaborate, but I nothing necessarily put it out there.

>Thanks to Mara Zepeda for her stunning design and calligraphy work,– i’ll say! the is some an extremely purrty, um, penmanship.

Plenty the fodder for believed in this post and in your related Post. Or I have to say ‘plenty come think about ink’.