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hi everyone, i"m obtaining a code p1443- evap emission control system: regulate valve malfunction....i tried replacing the "purge canister sensor"? or something choose that i small plastic thing up by the passenger side firewall...didn"t carry out much... All the lines it seems to be ~ fine i need it to pass inspection...i really wanna obtain this over through so when i get my new sticker ns can finally get mine mac offroad exhaust on...thanks guysp1443 Evaporative emission control system vent control duty problem
in addition to instead of the cainster purge solenoid, your also suppose to replace the Thermistor, which is the other sensor it is in heat wth the canister purge solenoid....

what and also where
where deserve to i obtain one that those? ns tried going come napa"s web and pepboys and progressed autoparts nothing is coming up...where precisely is the located? thanks
dealer just as far as ns know, the component # is F57Z-14A606-BA, we got "em if friend need and also watch-out buying that stiff from parts stores as there quality is no as go as FoMoCo"s


the just 1998"s wth a VMV"s are ones wth Calf ems....the "thermistor" plugs appropriate in heat wth the Cainster Purgre Solenoid and also has 2 vac lines, 1 in & 1 out and also a electric connection, price is $23.84 + s&h thru us and also we have actually plenty in stock....

i figured it out..
i currently replaced the thermister...i to be told from napa the was referred to as the canister purge sensor...its a tiny plastic black thing...the actual canister purge solenoid is what ns didnt replace...its 74 bucks native ford...go figure...thanks for all your aid i evaluate it
i already replaced the thermister...i to be told from napa that was dubbed the canister purge sensor...its a little plastic black thing...the yes, really canister purge solenoid is what i didnt replace...its 74 bucks from ford...go figure...thanks for all your aid i appreciate it
yup, NAPA got it backwards, just one more reason Why I dislike "parts stores" if you need the Cainster Purgre Solenoid, we have actually them in stock, $49.98 to you + s&h
thanks anyways but i already got that from ford..i know i know:so...but my "failed" inspection sticker is increase tomorow so i simply wanted to gain this done and over with....i evaluate all the assist and the offer thankyou
thanks anyways but i already got it from ford..i recognize i know:so...but mine "failed" investigate sticker is increase tomorow therefore i simply wanted to gain this done and also over with....i appreciate all the aid and the offer thankyou
its every solved everything...passed inspection i can lastly get this offroad h pipe on! :gringreen
What attaches come the thermistor?
I have one next of the thermistor going come the Evap manage valve. The various other side looks choose a tube has actually been broken off. Nothing is connected and the harbor is open up to atmosphere. Where have to it go? A sticker top top the hood reflects it walking to male vac. Any thoughts? thank you.

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I have actually one side of the thermistor going to the Evap regulate valve. The other side looks prefer a tube has actually been broken off. Nothing is connected and also the port is open to atmosphere. Where must it go? A sticker on the hood shows it going to man vac. Any kind of thoughts? give thanks to you.
Hi all. I have some much more info to define my problem. Black tube comes from under passenger wheel well. I guess it comes from the cannister. The tubing is pretty worn. Anyway, the goes to a component E4ZF-9C915-AA. The various other side of that part has tubing that goes come F57E-14A606-BA. The other side that this component has an open port (looks favor tube had broken off). Go this make sense to anyone? Thanks.Joe