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This is a company registration address for uncover Financial Svc and also Discover jae won Serv. The ZIP password for this attend to is 84104 and also the postal code suffix is 5335. Glendale is the neighborhood"s name. Latitude for the location: 40.733642. Longitude: -112.020564. The price to rental a 2 bedroom unit in the ZIP password 84104 is about $1,110. $1,204/mo is a fair sector rent value set by HUD for a two-bed apartment in Salt Lake County. The fastest net at this resolve is listed by Centurylink. VDSL is the kind of internet connection. The download speed is minimal at 100 mbit/s, if the upload speed is at 10 mbit/s

Sales and Prices in the neighborhood in recent Years

This chart mirrors the variety of sales, minimum, maximum and also average prices. The data is based upon a examine of information around the nearest 1,500 houses

ZIP password 84104 Rent values in Feb 2021

Fair sector rent worths for properties in the 84104 follow to the HUD data

Year0 Bedrooms1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms3 Bedrooms4 Bedrooms

Salt Lake ar Rent worths in Feb 2021

Below room fair sector rent values established by the HUD for Salt Lake County

Year 0 Bedrooms 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
2021 $829$1,001$1,204$1,690$1,892
2020 $790$964$1,176$1,649$1,870
2019 $708$870$1,075$1,518$1,727
2018 $667$834$1,035$1,475$1,690
2017 $642$795$990$1,425$1,633
2016 $603$757$938$1,351$1,575
2015 $606$727$901$1,285$1,513
2014 $589$707$876$1,249$1,471
2013 $564$677$839$1,197$1,408
2012 $591$642$774$1,089$1,268
2011 $630$685$826$1,162$1,353
2010 $638$693$836$1,176$1,369
2009 $612$665$802$1,128$1,314
2008 $575$625$754$1,061$1,235
2007 $545$592$714$1,005$1,170
2006 $526$572$690$971$1,130

Internet business Providers (ISP)

Provider NameTechnologyDownstream SpeedUpstream Speed

Centurylink, Inc


100 mbps*

10 mbps
Viasat IncViasat, Inc


100 mbps

3 mbps
HughesnetHns patent Sub, LLC


25 mbps

3 mbps
Rise BroadbandSkybeam, Inc

Terrestrial addressed Wireless

5 mbps

1 mbps
SkycastersVsat Systems, LLC


2 mbps

1.300 mbps
*mbps — megabits per second. 1mbit = 125 kilobytes

Neighbors" period Distribution

The graph reflects the circulation of age groups in the neighborhood based upon data because that the 500 families located nearby


1, Detached Unit - 532 1, attached Unit - 319 2 systems - 0 3 Or 4 devices - 53 5 to 9 devices - 157 10 to 19 Unit - 113 20 come 49 devices - 259 50 Or an ext Units - 38 Mobile house Units - 9 Boat, Rv, Van, Etc. Systems - 0

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1586 southern 5350 West chris Cummings is a previous resident that the building. Cintas Corp was mentioned in the OSHA report
1670 southern 5500 West Glade W Armstrong is a former resident the the building. Trans-expedite in ~ is a consignee. Corporate Staging resources LLC (doing organization as Csr) acquired a move license indigenous FMCSA. The period number is 1793968
1735 south 5500 West Ontrac was discussed in the OSHA report. Bunzl Utah llc (doing service as Arch Logistics) derived a move license native FMCSA. The period number is 489658
1455 south 5500 West Bryce J Dowd is a former resident that the building. Water and Power technologies LLC to be registered in ~ this address. Propak corporation is a patent holder linked to this address. Propak Logistics Inc and Water & Power technologies Inc was mentioned in the OSHA report
5420 2100 southern Northwest Research acquired a move license native FMCSA. The period number is 2461992
1910 southern 5500 West four people, consisting of Blake Jackson and Becky Ruth Jackson, were linked to this place. Eight suppliers were registered in ~ this address, consisting of Caldwell soil & livestock LLC, Idaho falls Peterbilt Inc. 2 entities are associated with this address: Blake A Jackson, Jackson group Land & cattle Ll. Domain ownership information for Jackson Group. Jackson group Leasing inc (doing service as Jackson group Paclease Inc) derived a transfer license from FMCSA. The period number is 1510128. Peterbilt of Utah Inc acquired a transfer license native FMCSA. The period number is 893702
1845 south 5200 West Doug Kimber and Industrial Supply space residents. Three providers were registered at this address, including Industrial Container and also Supply Company, The Wichita State University. Commercial Container & Supply and also Industrial Container Warehouse space consignees. Commercial Container and Supply derived a transfer license native FMCSA. The period number is 725071
1630 southern 5070 West 7 people, consisting of Muhammad S Rana and Wendy N Aldrich, were associated to this place. Pacific Flyway Wholesale and also Sportsmans Warehouse room consignees
1345 legacy View Street hill West Container solutions LLC obtained a transfer license indigenous FMCSA. The period number is 1717473

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2002 south 5070 West Thirteen people, including Martha Barbosa and Martha A Hasson, were connected to this place. American Nutrition Bars Inc to be registered in ~ this address. 2 entities are associated with this address: Richard Bizzard, Richard B Bizzaro. Weider Nutrition group Inc connected to this attend to via UCC filing. Weider Leasing in ~ is a license holder connected to this address. Reckitt Benckiser LLC and also Reckitt Benckiser are consignees. Weider Nutrition Group and Schiff Nutrition global Inc was pointed out in the OSHA report

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