“Romeo died for love, Valentine passed away for love, Jack the Titanic, Samson from the Bible, Hercules, Achilles, and also even Jesus passed away for love.”

And then it go on to say the there is not a single woman who passed away for love. It obstacles women to come v at least 5 names of women who died for love. I had actually a strange feeling in the direction of this post. Very first I felt that it was a challenge to women. A couple of minutes later, i thought, “This post (most absolutely made and also circulated by men) is an example of stupidity. The was more than likely made by one arrogant teenager, who does not treatment the contributions of ladies in the world background and even in his life or one ignorant adult, who does not recognize anything.” however if it was intended to it is in a challenge, I stated to myself, the it is without doubt a an excellent question. It checks the intelligence of his girl. This article, hence is an information to those who carry out not know the answers (or pretend no to know) and also a help from mine side that would like to obtain answers.

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I have actually limits, though. Ns can’t call anything indigenous the holy bible or the Iliad, who characters appear above. Ns am can not to carry out answers related to the history and literature I execute not know. I’ll try my finest in offering information that the 5 women I have known from the history of Nepal, and also Nepali, English and Sanskrit literatures.


1. SatiI guess ns had provided primary information around her on my previous article. She comes back to show that hair was one of the most painful sacrifices for her love.

Sati, according to the Hindu Puranas was the daughter that Prajapati (King) Daksha and Virani. She was married to Shiva, the mr of the Lords.For the reasons that Shiva wandered approximately Kailash (his abode) on improper clothes taking narcotics, Daksha disliked Shiva. ~ above one Yagya (a sacrificial worship) he did not invite Sati and Shiva but invited every his son-in-laws. When Sati knew of this through Sage Narad, she goes come the Yagya and quarrels through her father. The keeps humiliating Shiva, though. Can not to listen to those words, she sacrifices herself on the burn pyre set up for the Yagya. She burns progressively to fatality until she body is recovered through Shiva self after a vast war against the soldiers that Daksha.

This story has actually been altered by Amish Tripathi in the last book of The Shiva Trilogy. Sati, the mam of Shiva, fights through Daksha, the King that Meluha because he had actually been using the love of her life in suppressing the bad people the other surrounding countries. Once she pertains to know the Daksha has planned to kill Shiva, she fights the Egyptian killers. At the end of extremely violent and gory fight, she dies. Shiva comes later on to bring about the destruction of Daksha and his country.

2. MunaMuna is a famed character native Muna Madan, an epic city by Laxmi Prasad Devkota. The plot adheres to Madan going come Bhot (Tibet) while Muna awaits at residence in Kantipur (old surname for Kathmandu).Madan it s okay ill top top the method returning back home. That is stranded is around to die when a Bhote (resident of Bhot) find him and saves his life.At home, yet Madan’s friends phone call Muna the he has actually died. Can not to endure the ache of loss, despite false, she dies prior to Madan come home. Muna and Madan reunite in the heaven, after Madan die a couple of days later.

3. Rajendra LaxmiIf you talk about love and also leave away the love for motherland, you room misinterpreting love. This brave woman survived the tradition of Sati (I have discussed it on my previously article) due to the fact that of her kid to prolong the territory of Nepal.After the fatality of Pratap singh Shah, the eldest boy of king Prithvi Narayan Shah, she took end the responsibility of unifying the tiny states right into a larger Nepal. Initially, assisted by Bahadur Shah- she brother-in-law, she joined the eastern states and some the the western says as well. Fighting the unhelpful courtiers and also family members, she ongoing the campaign. By the time she died, Nepal had its eastern region up come Sikkim and also western as much as the Kali Gandaki river.

4. Julia RanaIt’s just been some days I have actually read around her. Born in the Rana family, she to be the love that Martyr Dashrath Chand.Dashrath Chand was a girlfriend of Dharma Bhakta Mathema (another martyr) and also was employed at the residence of basic Rudra Shumsher. There Julia and also Dashrath met and also both knew sometime later on that castle loved every other. Rudra Shumsher had agreed upon your marriage however the wedding was cancelled twice because of the deaths in the families. Later, the then Prime Minister, Juddha Shumsher got versus Rudra Shumsher and also he to be exiled native Kathmandu. Almost a month after the exile, Julia passed away of TB. That was stated in that short article that Dashrath Chand did the rituals a husband does in ~ the fatality of his wife and also her death additionally ignited in that the anti-Rana views.

5. Juliet CapuletMy concern to the creator that that difficulty is- how have the right to you different Juliet native Romeo? If you have read this civilization famous work-related of Shakespeare, girlfriend will recognize that Juliet dies not once but twice- when in a pretence to carry Romeo ago and in real as soon as he dies. The pretence is make by the use of medication (anaesthetic?) yet Romeo gets a wrong blog post to find her dead. So, how can you dare to say that just Romeo passed away for love.

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That’s every from mine side. However as i write, I also ask a question- what is the meaning of love in that on facebook post? that surely is not only the romantic love between a man or a woman. Jesus is an example for the love that humanity. If he deserve to be included, why not incorporate the surname of mother Teresa and her followers, Florence Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt, Benajir Bhutto and also so countless women who have actually spent their resides for the treatment of humanity? If sacrifice is what you speak to love, almost all ladies would be included. Women have actually sacrificed their parent’s house and also comfort, readjusted their surnames, offered up your jobs and also interests, have died everyday and also yet, have smiled simply for you and also your family. For this reason if her girl or wife adds her surname in that list, don’t acquire surprised. She has offered a most things simply for your happiness.