A 5 ton AC unit generates an excellent 60,000 BTU the cooling power. This is sufficient to cool down approximately 3000 square feet home.

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How countless watts go it require to run together a 5-ton waiting conditioner?

5 ton AC wattage deserve to be anywhere between 4,000W to 8,000W. That’s in between 16 and 34 Amps (240V circuit).

It gets tricky as soon as we shot to recognize the dimension of a generator that have the right to run a 5 ton AC unit.

The vital thing is to figure out the in its entirety wattage of such a big central air conditioner. Below are 3 an easy ways you deserve to do that:

Check the specification sheet because that Power (measured in Watts).Check the specification sheet because that the EER rating. We have the right to calculate wattage by separating BTUs through EER rating; i.e. 60,000 BTU / 10 EER = 6,000W.Check the specification sheet because that the current (I, measure up in Amps) and voltage (V, measure up in Volts). We deserve to calculate wattage by multiplying existing with voltage; i.e., 25 Amps * 240V = 6,000W.

An mean 5-ton air conditioner (with 10 EER rating) will run on 6,000 W.

Such a 5-ton air conditioner will use 25 Amps at 240V.

Examples of 60,000 BTU units space 4-zone mini-splits and also 5-zone mini-split wait conditioners.

6,000 W Generator because that 5 Ton AC Unit

For many 5-ton wait conditioners, 6,000 W power generators will certainly be an ext than enough. Of course, we likewise need to think about the start-up wattage. Because these AC units require a the majority of power, the safe an option is to get a generator that have the right to handle at the very least 7,000 W start-up wattage.

The finest – and also most well-known – 5-ton AC unit generator is the Westinghouse WGen6000. It’s a 6,000W generator that can supply up come 7,500W of power; perfect for a 5-ton waiting conditioner.

Westinghouse WGen6000 is the most renowned 6,000W generator for a 5-ton AC unit. You can gain it here.

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This will be much more than enough to run a an effective air conditioner optimally.

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