Best Answer: The ideal middle ground storage size option is the 128GB iPod touch 7, since it is only $299. Through 128GB, the average human should have actually plenty of room for most of their music collection, together with photos and also videos, and also even apps and games. The other sizes because that the iPod touch 7 is 32GB because that $199 or 256GB for $399.

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Get your jam on: apple iPod touch 7 (From $199 in ~ Apple)

Plenty of room for her music and also more

The brand-new iPod touch 7 comes in 3 sizes: 32GB, 128GB, and also 256GB because that $199, $299, and also $399, respectively.

While the 32GB option is the cheapest and also most affordable, 32GB won"t gain you really far in state of having a many stored music, photos, games, or apps. Particularly when you consider that the operating system itself takes up a couple of GB already, you won"t gain much space left for all of your media.

The 128GB option is a nice middle ground for many people. The price tag isn"t as well high, and you get a kind amount of warehouse space. The is lot of for her iTunes library, photos and video, and also even some apps and also games. Plus, v streaming being so well-known these days, you may not also need a many of an are for your music collection if you subscribe to apple Music or even Spotify.

If you require the highest quality audio or just have actually a large music arsenal in iTunes, climate 256GB is the one girlfriend need. The iPod touch has never come in this volume before, so it"s perfect for the music aficionados. While 128GB should be sufficient for most, if you never ever want to need to worry around remaining an are on your iPod touch 7, or plan on having a many non-streaming media ~ above it, climate 256GB is the method to go.

What rather is new?

The brand-new iPod touch 7 additionally features the quicker A10 combination chip, for this reason it"s faster and more capable than the ahead generation iPod touch. This A10 fusion chip also permits the iPod touch 7 to get immersive augmented truth (AR) experiences, and Group FaceTime. The camera does assistance iOS 12"s auto HDR feature.

What continues to be the same?

Unfortunately, the iPod touch 7 doesn"t lug improvements across the board. The iPod touch 7 comes with the very same 4-inch Retina display as that predecessor, so there is no development there. The behind camera is likewise the exact same 8MP together previous generations with f/2.4 aperture. The prior camera is quiet 1.2MP through f/2.2 aperture. Color choices remain the very same as well: space gray, gold, silver, pink, blue, and also (PRODUCT)RED.

When can I to buy the new iPod touch 7?

The brand-new iPod touch 7 can be purchased currently from starting at $199 and also up.

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Our pick

iPod touch 7

All of her music and also more

The brand-new iPod touch 7 comes v the new A10 combination chip for much faster processing power and improved graphics, specifically with brand-new AR capabilities. It likewise comes in a new 256GB storage size and can be used for group FaceTime.