Have to be looking online, however have not discovered been maybe to identify the information.

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Makes me wonder if I need to remove an ext than just the glove box and even wonder if it's located on the driver side of the car.

Normally, I carry my vehicle to the Ford dealer. However, regardless of buying the replacement component from the dealer, they have actually not been an extremely helpful. Various other than saying, it's located more to the center.

However, ns am unemployed and also must try to fix the car myself, together possible.

Thank girlfriend kindly in advance for her assistance.

Kevin Gainer
Automotive Mechanic
35 years of experience

If you have electronic Manual Temperature manage (EMTC), the blower engine resistor block is accessed by remove the accelerator pedal. When the pedal is removed you will watch the wiring harness to the block and the single retaining screw that should be removed to replace the block. If girlfriend have further questions or concerns, execute not hesitate to re-contact charline-picon.com together we are always here to help you.

blower motors
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