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2013 Kia Sportage SX - FWD - Remote start - interior Lighting alternative - Side procedures - cross Bars - Cargo Mat - Cargo net - Cargo Cover

You have a timming chain. Don"t contact it a belt, it will just confuse people. The chain walk not need to be replaced unless there is a difficulty with it.
Golling Kia that Madison Heights Michigan, 14 mile & man R.2021 K5 Gt Line.1995 Mustang SVT Cobra Procharged
Only Honda and also Toyota still use engine time belts, her Kia has actually a time chain. Also the time belts require replacing really infrequently, and also your timing chain should be an excellent for the life that the engine.If you"re unsure around maintenance items, simply take a look at your maintain schedule. The timing chain replacement is not noted because the is not a preventative maintain item. Just enjoy her ride, its very low maintenance!

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