2008 P brand-new Mexico State Quarter value in mint state is worth face value if they’re circulated (worn) and will be precious $1 or much more if castle grade MS63.

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2008 P brand-new Mexico State Quarter value is $19 if graded and also certified MS67 in a PCGS or NGC holder. The qualities MS68 and higher are incredibly rare and also valuable.

A United claims Mint role is worth about $12 to $15 however dealers often pay confront value. Financial institution rolls usually sell at face value.

Grade and also condition that a clad Washington quarter greatly results the value. So expect a circulated, cleaned, scratched or damaged example to it is in worth challenge value.

Circulated Condition

Washington Quarter photograph Grading Images

Mint Mark: Is one of two people D (Denver Mint), No Mint (Philadelphia Mint), S (San Francisco Mint). The ns mint note was added to the coin in 1980 till the present but not current on a coin dated earlier than 1980.

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The mint note is located on the back and just above the R in quarter from 1932 come 1964, and 1965 to 1967 no mint note was top top the coins. Start in 1968 the mint note was relocated to the former of the coin and also just behind Washington’s hair tie.
Mint Mark place 1968 come Present

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