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so i have been do the efforts to number out those wrong through my gas mileage. I called the dealer and they wanted $90 just to diagnose, for this reason i dubbed my mechanic and he just said to shot to put an ext expensive gas. (so useless due to the fact that the accords make for constant gas anyways)so anyways, im reasoning of transforming the sparks myself. And according come the NGK site, the gap is 0.44. However the NGK spark plug has a gap of 0.43. (according come this page: does that 0.01 matter? or must i be good?also what would certainly i should replace them?-plugs-torque wrench-spark plug socket-socket set?anything else? :thmsup:
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How countless miles room on the car? have actually you tried using fuel injector cleaner? confirm your air filter? confirm your tire pressure?It"s likewise winter which method winter fuel blends and an ext dense air. An ext dense air method the engine needs an ext fuel. Throughout the winter, I see a 1 come 2 mpg fall on mine v6. Add to air pressure in tires play a big role.
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you shouldn"t gap iridium plugs. The tips are really brittle. They should come pre-gap in ~ .44. I have Denso TT plugs and I didn"t void them. They space .40 vs .44. 0 problems. But my plugs could be different from yours.

Unless the auto has a many miles or girlfriend don"t usage fuel injector cleaner regularly, i don"t see the spark plugs gift the issue.
Her name is Nikki and also she runs prefer a banshee: 07 4dr Ex-L V6 6mt - BronzeGm Syncromesh Fm, TL-S sway bars, Ingalls torque damper, stage 1 exhaust mod, intake resonator delete, brief shifter, RV-6 V3 j-pipe, RV-6 V3 PCD"s, P&P entry runners, semi-ported/polished input plenum through custom throttle body spacer, TL-S infectious diseases worldwide mount, 06 TL 5 speak rims

The plug space should not be readjusted on irridium plugs. Girlfriend will need an allen wrench for the coil bolts. You have the right to probably acquire those plugs cheaper at development or Autozone.
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On many NGK plugs, look at the last two numbers in the plug "number" for instance ZFR5F-11 is a 1.1mm plug gap. A plug v a 13 in ~ the end would it is in 1.3. Ones with no number you need to refer to the car"s specs. I believe Denso does comparable numbering.Plugs wouldn"t cause such a major issue v mileage unless they weren"t firing. A bigger gap, if the plugs are worn put much more strain ~ above the coils, yet they likewise in effect development ignition timing and also place a bigger area that "spark" for absence of a much better term come the mixture. Things that come to mind come check:-tire pressures, they will certainly drop 2 psi for every autumn of 10 degrees in external temp-brake drag, make sure none are dragging.-wheel alignment, specifically if you"ve struggle potholes.-operating temperature (not the gauge) v scan device to make sure it heats up conveniently to the thermostats regulation temperature. (t-stat early on opening worries were relatively common on older Hondas, and sticky stats top top F23 engines)-monitoring fuel trims on a scan tool to certain the engine is in suitable fuel control.-if purpose of use dictates, inspect of valve adjustment, on the K24 video camer timing deserve to be easily verified as well.A dirty air filter will NOT mitigate fuel economic climate on a vehicle with EFI with exhaust sensor feedback. The automobile will lose power if the filter is 75% or an ext restricted, yet not mileage. It simply can"t pull in the necessary air to use the fuel. The sensors pick up the lack of air come the amount of fuel and also trim it back to compensate.
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