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I have a 2006 high-end ll which I freshly bought used. I"m still waiting for the owner manual. I can"t it seems to be ~ to uncover the inside trunk release for the car. Is the in the glove compartment? where the heck is it? all I view there is a valet toggle switch.Also, is over there a means to open the trunk through the key. Ns look and also look and also don"t seem to uncover anything. Many thanks for helping!
The trunk is the small flat area (button) come the left that the headlight switch.I likewise have the 2006 owners hands-on as a PDF file that I can e-mail come you, if you room interested.Texas Jim
Wow Superjim, you are Mr. Lightning! so fast! thank you so an extremely much...really appreciated! ns was walk bonkers. Ns still can"t think that castle don"t have a key lock because that the trunk.
I will certainly be indebted to you because that live if you can send me that PDF for the owner manual. My e-mail resolve is many thanks so much Superjim.
Wow Superjim, you space Mr. Lightning! therefore fast! thank you so an extremely much...really appreciated! ns was walk bonkers. Ns still can"t think that castle don"t have actually a an essential lock for the trunk.
PM me your e-mail and also I will mail the PDF hands-on to you.You room key lock for the trunk.
When my first 2006 DTS melted in my garage fire...I had actually stuff in the trunk I needed to gain out prior to the tow truck come for it.I can not with the emergency release from inside the automobile from the wrinkles down center armrest. Ns tried whatever I can think that to gain the stems open.Finally had actually to usage a prybar top top the front edge of the trunk lid, and reach in there with a long stick and keep swatting in ~ the emergency release till I ultimately got that open.It ache me to usage the prybar on mine car. I felt like I to be being a vandal come it. I really, really liked that car.Texas Jim
Many the today"s cars execute not have actually a keylock top top the passenger next door either. Manufact gain to conserve 2 ounces and $5.00.

Many that today"s cars perform not have a keylock top top the passenger side door either. Manufact obtain to save 2 ounces and also $5.00.

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^^ through remote fobs on whatever , consisting of Kias, ns am okay with that one. Also my 01 Tahoe walk not have actually a passenger side keylock... Ns think. The trunk /hatchback being "keylockless" bothers me. As soon as the auto open attribute malfunctioned in mine 06 SRX, I had actually no way to open up it.
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