Ford five Hundred Oil adjust Service maintenance Reminder Light

A straightforward tutorial on just how to reset the oil company maintenance reminder indicator article light on Ford 5 Hundred automobile model indigenous the year 2005, 2006, 2007.

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Close every doors, equipment to the park position.


Turn the ignition On. Don’t begin the engine.


Press the SETUP button until the SYS CHCK is displayed, then press the RESET button.


After pressing the RESET button, the OIL LIFE will certainly be displayed. If not displayed, push the SETUP switch to navigate the OIL LIFE.


While the OIL LIFE is displayed, press and also hold the RESET button till the OIL LIFE % RESET IF brand-new appears. Then relax the RESET button and press and hold again the RESET button until the OIL LIFE is reset come 100%.


Turn off the ignition. The oil reset is complete.

About Ford 5 Hundred

The Ford 5 Hundred is a full-size vehicle that was manufactured and marketed through Ford from 2005 to 2007. Deriving that is nameplate native the ”500″ suffix offered by Ford ~ above the custom 500, Fairlane 500 and Galaxie 500 version ranges from the 1950s come 1970s, the five Hundred was the bigger of two version lines to plan to change the Ford Taurus (the Ford fusion being the smaller sized vehicle). In ~ the Ford version line, the five Hundred to be slotted between the blend and Crown Victoria.

Marking the debut of the Ford D3 platform, the 5 Hundred marked several firsts because that full-size Ford vehicles, introducing front-wheel drive, all-wheel journey (as an option), unibody construction, and the first generation marketed without a V8 engine (since the Ford model A). In addition to the an initial completely brand-new full-size chassis because 1979, the 2005 5 Hundred presented two distinctive full-size version lines come Ford (for the first time due to the fact that the 1978 discontinuation the the tradition 500).

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The 5 Hundred was created exclusively together a four-door sedan, v the duty of the Ford Taurus terminal wagon embraced by the Ford Freestyle (marketed as a CUV through Ford). The 5 Hundred was marketed through Lincoln-Mercury under the restored Mercury Montego nameplate, slotted in between the Mercury Milan and also Mercury cool Marquis. Because that the 2008 design year, because that a mid-cycle revision, the 5 Hundred was re-christened together the Ford Taurus; the Freestyle became the Taurus X, with the Mercury Montego change the name the Mercury Sable. Exterior of north America and also South Korea, the 5 Hundred name continued to be in use with 2009.

The 5 Hundred to be assembled by Ford in ~ its Chicago Assembly basic (Chicago, Illinois) together the Freestyle and Montego. Not included export sales, 241,402 Ford 5 Hundreds to be produced. (source:wiki)