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As freezing weather approaches, it have the right to be incredibly annoying if your first gen Equinox creates bubbles or an air pocket in the coolant mechanism leaving you there is no heat. First, make sure that there space no leaks in your system, and the following procedure well help:You will need a 7mm socket, and, at the very least a 1 gallon water bottle or jug, or a hose.Make sure the car is cooled before proceeding. Take note that there room some slightly dangerous steps to overcome certain obstacles, so, please, make sure you space comfortable with working v your vehicle"s coolant system prior to proceeding.... Many common cause of this worry could be either current replacement of the water pump or the thermostat. Make certain it is a cool day before proceeding as well. Whole procedure deserve to take up to 2 hours:1: with the 7mm socket, unscrew the wait bleed screw located on the water pump tower on the front left the the engine. 2: remove the lid and add water or coolant to the reservoir v the screw removed. Salary attention and make certain that the coolant shoots the end of the bleed screw hole at a secure pace come the adding of water or coolant to the tank. 3: Reclose the bleed screw and reservoir, and, begin the engine follow me with turning the warm all the way up. Allow it get to operation temp (usually one fan cycle).4: Again, with the 7mm, when the engine is running, carefully and also slowly unscrew the wait bleed screw, but, do not eliminate the screw completely. Simply until you watch a stream of coolant coming out of the next hole.These next measures are important and also should aid you determine, and get to escape of one air-pocket if one is recorded in her vehicle"s system...5: ~ the stream calms down, you have to see a steady dribble with air bubbles. If you perform not see these bubbles, and/or you have actually been wait for 15 minutes v no adjust in temperature coming out of the vents, carry out the adhering to all v the engine running:a. Very, an extremely carefully and slowly eliminate the reservoir tank lid, climate reclose the air bleed screw. Permit all the balloon to come out and also reclose the lid.b. (This is to prevent damages to her engine) very slowly and also carefully unscrew the wait bleed screw. In ~ this point, you might only get a secure stream that steam. Let it continue for 15 come 20 minutes. (Caution: Temp may slightly rise over normal, and, cause fans to run on high, and also you might hear slight bumping and also clicking in both the reservoir and also heater core).c. After ~ 15 - 20 minute after the bumping and also clicking has actually stopped, reclose the bleed screw, and also turn the automobile off. Allow engine come cool.d. Add coolant to coolant/water reservoir. It might take the whole gallon.e. Nearby the reservoir lid, and also start the engine. F. Wait till operating temperature is reached, then, carefully and slowly unscrew the waiting bleed screw and wait till the stream calms down. Currently you should have the dribble and bubbles.6: The vents in the auto should currently start obtaining warm.7: when the cabin temperature reaches 80 degrees, inspect the wait bleed screw.

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The bubbles need to be almost fully calm.8: Re-tighten the air bleed screw, and shut the automobile off. As soon as cooled, refill together necessary and also heat should work together normal.I expect this help some enduring this pains issue.Starflare5.