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Bought can of R134A from Wal-Mart? where iexactly s the low pressure port on a 2002 Durango? many thanks in advance!!

from the "03 FSM:OPERATION - REFRIGERANT system SERVICEPORTSThe high pressure company port is located on the liquidline between the condenser and the evaporator,near the former of the engine compartment. The lowpressure organization port is situated on the compressormanifold, straight over the suction harbor of the compressor,for 5.9L Engine. It"s on the suction linebetween the compressor and the evaporator because that the4.7L engine.Each the the business ports has a threaded plasticprotective cap set up over that from the factory. Afterservicing the refrigerant system,
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I painted my cap yellow to discover it easily. However
remainder assured girlfriend refrigerant can will not right the high pressure port as the two require different connectors.greg
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