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Keep recognize conflicting details on the 2003 Toyota Sequoia. Follow to the Maintenance sticky at the optimal of the thread, you require a filter ( and gasket. Other threads speak you simply need RTV. I"ve never changed the fluid, never drained it. Put around 60k miles on it, yet bought the used. Any great guide that have to work for the 2003? Also, anyone have actually a organization manual because that the 2003?

Reread the maintenance sticky. The 2003 has orange FIPG indigenous the factory. Girlfriend will need to remove it when dropping the pan because that a filter change. From over there you have the right to replace the with brand-new orange FIPG (which is expensive) or you deserve to buy a kit like a Beck Arnley that has actually a rubber gasket and also use that. Because that both Sequoias ns service, I decided the last option. For the service, I do cooler heat flushes. Unfortunately i didn"t make a DIY when I walk them last. In brief you drain the pan at the drainpipe plug, eliminate the pan, change filter, change gasket, reinstall pan, fill transmission with very same amount friend drained. From over there you would discover the cooler hose the goes back into the transmission and also disconnect it. Then making use of a helper, you would flush the system. Girlfriend would execute that by setup a significant collection container under the disconnected hose and also having your helper start the truck till a quart us pumped out. Then have actually them shut it off and fill the transmission with a quart the fluid. Repeat these steps until the pumped fluid comes the end clean. Reconnect the hose and also then cycle through the gears. Inspect and adjust the liquid level and go because that a test drive to verify operation. ~ the test journey recheck liquid level and also you are done.Here is a DIY I made for the Camry. The rule is specifically the same, jut the hose and pan locations and also the truth that it"s not a midsized car:
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