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2001 eclipse 2.4l auto GS spyderThrowing p0335 crankshaft position sensor code.Car passed away while driving, didn"t begin after.Searched approximately the forums however didn"t find useful help. Photos would it is in appreciated. Will certainly I must take any type of belts off?

Fairly simple but it"s around a 2 hour job. Calls for removing the inside fender splash guards, serpentine belt, and timing covers. Can"t remember if the crank pulley demands to come turn off or not.
Thanks because that the reply, I"m a beginner so a little more detail would certainly go a long way for me. I"m not rather sure of the specific location that the sensor. What parts must come off and also how do they come off?

Remove the crank and also timing cover. To be a while because I had actually a 4cyl but I think you have the right to slip it the end without an altering the time belt. Sent out from totally free App

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