Has her Lincoln Navigator to be having an ext and an ext suspension troubles lately? even if you don’t have a suspension warning light on her Navigator, you may have actually noticed other symptoms that a worn-out suspension.

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Perhaps the most usual sign the Lincoln Navigator air suspension fail is a sagging rear finish of the vehicle. Another means to phone call if your suspension has actually gone negative is if her Navigator go a “nose dive” when coming come a stop. That’s when the rear finish lifts up and also the front finish dips down.

You may additionally have i found it a noisy air compressor in your Navigator. It may not even be able to maintain appropriate ride height.

If did you do it noticed any kind of of this symptoms v your Lincoln Navigator, friend likely have air suspension trouble. Yet why?

Let’s check out some of the common reasons for Lincoln Navigator suspension problems.

Your Navigator is a big, hefty vehicle.

The Lincoln Navigator is a large vehicle. It is probably part of the reason you acquired it.

While that dimension is good for carting the family members or cargo around, it comes a price. It makes for a very heavy vehicle. At around 6,000 pounds unloaded, it is a lot come ask the an waiting suspension.


Over time, this load will bear down on your air suspension system. Components like the waiting bags, which use compressed wait to support the load of the vehicle, must be made of flexible materials.

Those materials, favor rubber and plastic, have the right to only carry out the job for for this reason long. They room prone to wearing out or even rotting and also cracking.

Once over there is a weak suggest in the airbag, all that weight bearing down on it will certainly accelerate the problem.

A complicated system

Air suspension solution provide terrific ride. The active suspension is able to check out the road surface and also make instant adjustments to the suspension. This provides for really smooth journey.

However, in bespeak to do so, the Lincoln Navigator counts on a complicated system the electronics, mechanical parts, and components do of flexible materials.

Although this mechanism makes a great ride, it relies on every component in the chain functioning properly.

For example, your Navigator has 4 ride height sensors. One at every wheel. These read the elevation of the car and also send that information electronically to a manage module.

The ride height sensors in her Navigator are moving parts. Prefer all relocating parts, castle will eventually wear down and also need replacement.

However, if your ride height sensor isn’t functioning perfectly, it will throw the whole system off. This will reason other contents to undertake out an ext quickly as they operate at less-than-ideal efficiency.

This is true of practically any the the virtually dozen materials in her Lincoln Navigator waiting suspension system.

How to deal with your Lincoln Navigator suspension

After considering whatever you know about air suspensions, does the seem prefer it makes sense to invest thousands to solve it?

Probably not. But what choices do you have?

You could save a tiny money through going with third-party wait suspension parts. However that will just leave friend in the exact same predicament down the line together you wait because that them to fail.

However, you execute have one more option. Girlfriend can get rid of that wait suspension altogether and replace it through something sturdy, simple, and also reliable.

charline-picon.com uses several kits to change your Lincoln Navigator wait suspension with a durable mechanical coil suspension.

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These counter kits are made right right here in the USA come ensure high quality. Castle will change two or all 4 wheels of your Navigator in ~ a tiny portion of the cost of what a brand-new air suspension would cost you.