Low, loud, and also menacing. That defines the distinct machinery that"s rolled out of Harley-Davidson because that decades. Likewise, it"s likewise an apt an introduction of the recent limited-edition truck from Ford. H-D and Ford inked a five-year arrangement for participating products beginning in 2000. Because then, Ford has actually introduced a truck each year. Both the 2000 and "01 models to be derivatives developed on the F-150 platform. The "02 version successfully catches the heart of Harley-Davidson: brash, strong, American. Louis Netz, manager of styling in ~ Harley, and Willie G. Davidson, vice chairman of styling and also descendent the the firm founder, worked with the architecture team at Ford to pen this bold roll statement.

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For "02, Ford started with the popular F-150 SuperCrew 4x2 pickup, a versatile, long lasting vehicle, and also Ford engineers already had a background of modifications. Developed in Kansas City, Missouri, it"s been lowered 1 in. And also fitted v 20x9.0-in. Wheels. The chrome, five-spoke aluminum rims have actually the H-D Bar & Shield embossed top top the center cap. Neighboring all that alloy room Goodyear 275/45R20 Eagle GTII VR-rated tires.

Set onto each front fender and also rear tailgate room Harley-Davidson/Ford F-150 emblems, huge enough to usage as a major belt buckle. The grille is a tasteful chrome tubular piece, and both front and rear bumpers space body color for that stealth look. Like last year, the H-D F-150 come in black, but new for "02 is Dark shadow Gray.

Also brand-new for this year, Ford surprised a couple of people by dropping a detuned Lightning motor right into the newest Harley F-150. Both supercharged and intercooled, the Triton 5.4L V-8 puts the end 340 hp at 4500 rpm and also 425 lb-ft of torque at 3250 rpm. The engine is mated come the 4R100-HD four-speed automatically transmission, frequently kept for SuperDuty pickups and its biggest SUVs. A two-piece driveshaft transforms the differential, which is filled with limited slip and also 3.73:1 gears. Exhaust exits with a tuned high-performance system to slash-cut 3-in. Chrome tips.

What"s it favor to drive? pushing the stainless and rubber performance accelerator pedal increases the supercharger soundtrack and the earthly growl native the exhaust. Midrange solution is particularly addictive, as you discover yourself hanging back in traffic, then mashing the pedal because that that solve of thrust.

Slowing the H-D F-150 SuperCrew is low-drama, four-wheel ABS and a giant tire footprint conspiring come rein in wayward speed. Turn-in is brisk, together the low sidewalls require small distortion to readjust the vehicle"s direction. Body role is surprisingly low, contributing to the overall feeling that you"re behind the wheel that a high sports sedan--until a sharp series of turns calls for you come wedge yourself steady. The seats space comfortable ~ above long, directly drives, however the level lower cushion and lack of side bolsters leave the driver sliding around, hanging onto the steering wheel as lot for providing directional input as remaining on the left side of the vehicle.

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Unlike a traditional SuperCrew, the "02 Harley-Davidson doesn"t usage a bench rear seat. Instead, choose its enlarge corporate cousin, the Lincoln Black 2 captains chairs, be separate by a sizeable facility console, provide seating. The top of both front and rear consoles room embossed with the fire pattern checked out on the outside. The tool cluster houses a 130-mph speed ometer and tachometer in a practiced spun-metal background, similar to an engine-turned treatment. The chair backs have actually the Harley-Davidson emblem set in leather, and in case anyone in the automobile forgets what execution they"re in, a numbered plaque is collection into the center stack.

It adds approximately a comfortable, upscale environment. V a basic MSRP of $36,495, the upscale part comes in handy. A half-dozen options are offered, consisting of a moonroof, six-disc CD changer, sliding behind window, and also engine-block heater. The H-D/F-150 is no the kind of truck that many owners space going come toss hay bales or engines right into the bed. Instead, it"s going to see much more than a few trips come the bright lights of downtown. Manufacturing is planned to a minimal 12,000 units, and if past sales are any kind of indication, us suggest acquiring to the dealer in a hurry.

Insights native the InsideTo gain the inside info, it pays to go to the source. We freshly spoke through George Magro, manager that product advancement at Ford, about the F-150 SuperCrew Harley-Davidson and what the future holds. His remarks suggest a permanent relationship is gift forged between the 2 companies, through bold commodities in the pipeline.

Asked about the powertrain similarities between the Lightning and also the Harley version F-150, Magro notes that the 40-hp difference (340-hp H-D F-150 versus 380-hp in the Lightning) is as result of a larger pulley set up on the SuperCrew"s supercharger. The result is the blower rotating in ~ a slow rate, therefore lower boost. The Harley-Davidson edition offers a full-vehicle-length exhaust, uneven the abbreviated pipes exiting in front of the behind tires ~ above the Lightning. A slightly smaller sized opening in the reduced front valence enables less air to circulation through the intercooler, meaning that incoming wait is no cooled as lot as the higher-powered sports truck. The cumulative result is a usually decrease in power.

For the an initial time due to the fact that the debut of the Ford/Harley-Davidson alliance, a color other 보다 black is readily available in "02, and there will certainly be more hues. That course, black will always be available.

Gazing into a crystal ball, one might see a SuperDuty Harley-Davidson edition and a 4x4 version. Customers have actually been vocal in wanting a go-anywhere truck through the H-D touches, and also Ford and also Harley-Davidson have actually heard the requests. Through two more years in a five-year participating contract, we can be test-ing such vehicles sooner 보다 later.

Trucks and also bikes room like former girlfriends. Just when friend think you recognize everything around them, they change--sometimes for the better. It might be as well late come kiss approximately your ex, yet both Ford"s H-D SuperCrew and Harley-Davidson"s V-Rod room making an effort to reestablish a connection with you.

For the V-Rod, gone are the trappings of tradition that buttressed the usual main point of supporters. No loping "po-TAH-to, po-TAH-to, po-TAH-to" burping indigenous the exhaust. It"s been changed by a slick, water-cooled rumble that argues a much more anxious demeanor--one born more from H-D"s racing VR 1000s 보다 its culture bikes.

In all manner and intent, this brand-new V-twin yes, really is a new V-twin. It"s no secret that Porsche designers helped breath life right into Harley"s new huffer, called "Revolution." A nine-grand redline; silky, throbbing idle; roll-on "til girlfriend cry, and also probably, reliability not previously well-known to H-D powerplants tell the interesting story.

It"s difficult to slam the V-Rod. Oh, the pegs might be too far forward and the tube uncomfortably near to vulnerable extremities, and also those contradictory BMW-like rotate switches, yet it"s power is therefore awesome and the ride for this reason confidence-inspiring, the sum complete pushes it much into the add to side.

The V-Rod isn"t just a performer either. It"s a looker. The tight brand-new 1130cc 60* V sits in a stealthy package the sets a benchmark for residential design. The long rake of the forks command the eye favor ribbons of exhilaration in a wind tunnel over the curves that kind the bike"s backbone. The long 67.5-in. Wheelbase, swept-back instrument cluster, clear-coated aluminum body panels, and solid, actors wheels market no apologies. They exude an prompt love-me-or-leave-me attitude--a vicious mix of power and style.

And that brings us full cycle earlier to Ford. These two vehicles are not inextricably tied come one one more in any method other than what castle represent: the latest effort to blend style and also high performance. Dropping the super charge 5.4L right into a SuperCrew appears natural. SVT wasn"t going to carry out it, however. They stated as much. However that"s okay. This combination is a perfect enhance for the H-D-endorsed lineup--especially now.

Twenty years earlier these 2 vehicle types could"ve been considered base and also unsophisticated. Currently they"re standards for both performance and styling in their class. Well done. Both the you.

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2002 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 SuperCrew
Location of last assemblyKansas City, Mo.
Body layout 4-door, 4-pass
EPA size classStandard pickup
Drivetrain layoutFront engine, RWD
Engine type90* V-8, S/C, cast-iron block/heads
Bore x stroke, in3.55 x 4.16
Displacement, cu in/L330/5.4
Compression ratio8.4:1
Valve gear2-valves/cyl, SOHC
Fuel inductionRoots-type supercharger, water-to-air intercooler, SFI
SAE horsepower, hp