The oil sending unit on the 2000 Ford F-150 relays the oil pressure from the engine come the oil pressure gauge top top the dash. The oil sending out unit is just one of the most important components on the engine. The oil is pumped up from the oil pan through the oil pump and through the engine. When the oil is circulating through the engine, the oil passes v the oil sending unit. The oil sending out unit then tells the oil gauge the exact oil pressure. When the oil sending unit stop working, friend will should replace it as soon as possible.

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Jack the former of the van up and also place jack stands underneath the front axle. Make certain that the jack stands space evenly and securely under the prior axle. Reduced the van onto the axle.

Remove the driver"s side front tire. Revolve the lug nuts counterclockwise come loosen and remove the lug nuts. Traction the tire off and set it come the side.

Locate the oil sending out unit on the driver"s next of the engine. The oil sending out unit on the 2000 Ford F150 is situated underneath the oil filter. The oil sending unit will be screwed right into the oil filter housing. Eliminate the wiring insert from the bottom that the oil sending unit. Press in top top the plastic wire connector and pull the wiring connector the end of the bottom that the oil sending out unit. Placed an open end wrench roughly the head the the oil sending unit near the threads and loosen the unit by transforming it counterclockwise. Once the oil sending out unit is loose, you deserve to remove the by unscrewing it v your fingers. Place a tiny catch pan under the oil sending unit come retrieve any excess oil.

Wrap Teflon tape around the object of the oil sending out unit. Be certain to pave the Teflon ice cream counterclockwise approximately the threads or the tape will come off when you screw the oil sending out unit back into the filter housing.

Screw the oil sending unit ago into the oil filter housing. Turn the sending out unit clockwise to tighten. Do not overtighten the sending out unit or it can break off. Plug the wiring connector back into the bottom the the oil sending unit.

Crank the engine come make sure that the oil sending unit is working properly and also that there space no leaks. Then rotate the engine off.

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Jack Jack stands Lug wrench Open end wrenches tiny catch pan Teflon tape replacement oil sending out unit
Make certain that the engine has actually cooled off before removing the oil sending unit. The oil sending out unit can get very hot and burn her hands.

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