Thunderbird 2002-05 electronic Modules Repairs. We have locked other pages early out to limited work Force.

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We have actually Ready Refurbished LCMs to ship to you now,
The price is $190 with core return  ,That means we send you a rebuilt part for $190 plus core deposit the $200 ,You pay complete of $390 at the time of Purchase; you receive our part, ~ you install it ,you take the old Part(the Core) ar it in our enclosed self addressed enveolpe and also ship the by short article office priority mail. Girlfriend have 10 days to ship the main point to us(the old part),when we receive your part, within 10 Days of receiving the Core(your Core must be in repairable Condition,not Fire damaged or water damaged or Damaged by tampering past repair) we will refund her $200 core deposit to add the postage you paid , ago to your account that paid to us.
 The part # is : XW1T-13C788 AA LCM is black Plastic Box through Aluminum radiator top top side,See Images.
Shipping is FREE By us Mail PRIORITY letter Takes 2 work from below to your address
The LCM controls: The Head lights,the revolve Signals,the Lisense plate light, the Tail lights(both that them), The Yellow Parking lights ,the instrument Illuminations & of speedometer area and also the Ceiling light&Turn signals.

Park your car ,have the engine running,Turn ~ above the headlights,step out of vehicle ,check to watch if your ago Marker light (back indicator night lamp ) are working, or license plate lights are on,also inspect the front corner yellow parking lights if all of THESE 3 pointed out LIGHTS are OFF in ~ THE exact same TIME , the trouble is with your vehicle LCM. Due to the fact that the strength to every these lamp originates native the very same pin in Light control Module.

Module Located over the Gas Pedal ,2 Hex Head 1/4" bolt holds that on a metal platform,a socket ranch needed to open the bolts,

 4 Connector native engine side associated to this LCM. You deserve to press the center flexible Latch top top the connectors to relax them out of the module Connectors.

When you pay by credit transaction card or PayPal ,you will certainly receive an email (electronic receipt through a Transaction Number) through paypal or your credit card co. That email is her receipt and also proof the payment to united state via credit transaction card agency or e-banking of PayPal.


You can likewise Send in your very own Lincoln TOWN automobile LCM to be rebuilt for just
$64 with 4 year Warranty, Free return shipping 
Please note, If you take it the LCM the end of your automobile ,you loosened all lights in your car . This choice is because that those that have one more car to journey while wait for their Module to be rebuilt & returned.

yet if you favor to conserve some money by sending out your very own LCM ,we rebuild that for just $64 Turn around is 2-3 days and shipped earlier to girlfriend by us Mail emergency Shipping Priority letter it takes 2 work from below to her address.

 one of ours refurbished Lincoln Town vehicle LCM:click on this yellow button and also follow the prompts. 

press v your finger wherein the Red DOT reflects while pulling out,the 2 larger on the ideal side push the latch with a tiny screw driver or a Pen ,while pulling to relax out. 
with every acquisition ,we will send girlfriend "our" simple 15 minutes step by step component Removal and installation the this LCM. No additional Programming needed ,Ready come install.
 we are NOT a used component place, our Modules room 100 % Tested & passed Q.C.
Classic difficulty is the the Taillights (both ,left and also right in ~ the exact same time ) goes turn off . In some situations that over there is several miles on auto ,the rotate signals execute not work.
These LCM are fully REFURBISHED a provided LCM will not critical long,just like yours,These out last even new one the end of BOX due to the fact that they are Rebuilt and original Problema room Corrected one by one by human being not assembely line machines , tested For every Lights Functions, just then top quality Control and also Warranty Sealed Atteached ~ above them.
Shipping is done by US post (USPS),2-3 job PRIORITY SHIPPING Mail v Tracking, that can be tracked in ~,  WE execute NOT ship STANDARD(Ground) SHIPPING ,because standard shipping bring away one week.

We deserve to ship end NIGHT i m sorry in most key Route around 100 mile from a huge city ,most of the time is delivered NEXT job . In some remote much from key hubs are might takes 2nd day delivery. However we can let you know prior to shipping if they guaranty next day distribution or 2 day.
well, you deserve to Google our company "midwesttecKmart " because that feed back ,you will watch others experience. Just Google (feed back for Midwestteckmart) before you order. 
The part is located under the dash ,Driver next ,about 8" over the gas pedal, you will get complete special instruction how to remove the part in less than 5 minutes.Only if you have our experienced speciall method you will have the ability to remove that that rapid ,even with motor managed brake pedals.
LCM for Ford Crown Victoria 2000-2009,Lincoln Town car 1997-2000, Mercury cool Marquis 2000-2009LCM , F.I.C.M Ford Diesel Trucks, EATC Ford Cars and Truck ,ABS for Corvette and also Cadillac and Volvo. Differencial electronic Module because that Volvo. Lincoln city car and also GM cars tool Clusters..
Before you take your car to dealer or organization place to check your automobile for LCM problem, This deserve to save friend Time and solve the problem defined here,before purchase of one more LCM,or unneeded LCM repair:

If her Flaher or rotate signal no working,and her Brake lights not lighting up, this Tech assistance on the call can help you deal with your trouble in few minutes DIY way.

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by payment the amout indicated I agree the this is for objective of finding out and an initial step to deal with the rarely often rare lighting difficulties in my car, 
This fee is for technical time and also guidence as first step towards fixing the problem that you explained in the post to seller or in your email to this website,I recognize by paying this payment to,this payment is no refundable ,it might solve my difficulty ,If i calim the did not fix my problem by complying with learning from this teaching ,I will send in mine LCM module to be tested or if necessary to be rebuild because that the lot of rebuilt suggested in this page.I know if this discovering solves my trouble ,I will certainly save hours of time for company appointment,Repair,drive and wait plus part replacementand therefore forth. I say thanks to Automotivemodule because that helping me uncover the trouble for such minimal amount and also saves me possible headacke. I review this declare understood and also agree through the above statement and also Pay by clicking PAY currently $25 here.