No.ACircuits protected
17.5Power winter Switch
27.5Blower engine Relay, PAD Module, air Bag Diagnostic Monitor
37.5Left Stop/Turn Trailer Tow Connector
410Left Headlamp
5101998-1999: Data connect Connector (DLC)
6152000: Overdrive, Back-up Lamps, DRL, 4x4
77.5Right Stop/Turn Trailer Tow Connector
810Right Headlamp, Fog lamp Relay
97.5Brake Pedal position Switch
107.5Speed control Servo/Amplifier Assembly, GenericElectronic Module (GEM), transition Lock Actuator, mix Door Actuator,A/C-Heater Assembly, rotate Signals
117.5Instrument Cluster, Daytime running Lights (DRL), RABS Resistor
12Not Used
1320Brake Pedal position Switch
1420Rear Anti-Lock Brake device (RABS) Module
104 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake system (4WABS) Module, 4WABS main Relay
157.5Air Bag Indicator Lamp, Alternator Indicator Lamp, instrument Cluster
1630Windshield Wiper Motor, Wiper Hi-Lo Relay, Wiper Run/Park Relay
1725Cigar Lighter, Data attach Connector (DLC; 2000)
1815Driver’s Unlock Relay, All-Unlock Relay, All-Lock Relay
1925PCM strength Diode, Ignition, PATS
207.5RAP Module, Generic digital Module (GEM), Radio
2115Flasher (Hazard)
2220Auxiliary strength Socket
23Not Used
247.5Clutch Pedal place (CPP) switch, Starter Interrupt Relay, Anti-Theft
257.51998-1999: Generic electronic Module (GEM), tool Cluster
2610Battery Saver Relay, Electronic shift Relay,Interior desk lamp Relay, Power window Relay, Electronic transition ControlModule, Dome/Map Lamp, GEM, Instrument swarm (2000)
27151998-1999: electric Shift, back-up Lamps, Daytime to run Lamps (DRL), Transmission manage Switch, Pulse Vacuum Hub Lock
287.5Generic electronic Module (GEM), Radio
30101999-2000: RABS check Connector
151998: Park Lamp/Trailer Tow Relay
31Not Used
32Not Used
3315Headlamps, Daytime to run Lamps (DRL) Module, instrument Cluster
34Not Used
35151999: Park Lamp/Trailer Tow Relay
101998: RABS check Connector
36Not Used

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No.ACircuits protected
150I/P Fuse Panel
240Blower motor Relay
3504 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake system (4WABS) Module
420Power Windows
550Ignition Switch, Starter Relay
110A/C Relay
220Auxiliary power Point
320Electronic change Relay and Electronic transition Control Module
4202000: Fog Lamp and Daytime running Lamps
151998-1999: Fog Lamp and also Daytime running Lamps
5152000: Trailer Tow Park Lamps
101998: waiting Bag Diagnostic Monitor
610Powertrain regulate Module
7304 Wheel Anti-lock Brake mechanism (4WABS) Module
830PCM Relay
920Fuel Pump Relay and also RAP Module
1015Horn Relay
1115Parklamps Relay and Main irradiate Switch
1230Mam light Switch and also Multifunction Switch
1315Heated Oxygen Sensor, EGR Vacuum Regulator, EVR Solenoid, Camshaft position Sensor (CMP), Canister Vent Solenoid
1430Alternator Voltage Regulator
15Not Used
1Wiper Park Relay
2A/C Relay
3Wiper Hi/Lo Relay
4PCM power Relay
5Fuel Pump Relay
6Starter Relay
7Horn Relay
81999-2000: Fog Lamp regulate Relay1998: Washer Pump Relay
9Blower motor Relay
101999-2000: Foglamp Isolation Relay1998: Foglamp Relay
11Not Used
12Not Used
13Park Lamp/Trailer Tow Relay
14Washer Pump Relay
1RABS Resistor
1RABS Diode
2Electronic Engine Controls Diode

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Fuse box DiagramFord Ranger 2.5 together OHC I4, 3.0 together Vulcan V6 and 4.0 together OHV Cologne V6 (1998, 1999, 2000)