This tutorial will assist you to check the ignition coil packs and also see if castle are bring about a misfire condition on the 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 2.5L Ford Ranger (Mazda B2500).

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This accuse only concentrates on experimentation a misfire condition caused through the ignition coil packs or the spark plug wires.

friend can discover this indict in Spanish here: Cómo Probar las Bobinas De Encendido (1998-2001 2.5L Ford Ranger) (at: autotecnico-online.com).

NOTE: girlfriend can discover the ignition system wiring chart here: Ignition mechanism Circuit diagram (1998-2001 2.5L Ford Ranger).

Ignition Coil Basics

The 2.5L Ford Ranger (Mazda B2500) comes equipped v 2 ignition coil packs. The engine itself has 8 spark plugs. Four of those spark plugs space on the exhaust manifold side. The various other 4 space on the intake manifold side.

The spark plugs ~ above the exhaust manifold side obtain spark from the primary ignition coil pack. The spark plugs ~ above the intake manifold side gain spark native the an additional ignition coil pack.

The most essential thing the you must know, about this type of ignition system, is the each coil fill is consisted of of 2 individual ignition coils.

Each that those individual ignition coils fire spark simultaneously to 2 cylinders. The cylinders that get spark all at once are cylinders #1 & #4 and also #2 & #3.

In 8 out of 10 cases, when one that the ignition coil packs falls short on your 2.5L Ford Ranger, the coil pack will avoid transmitting spark from 2 of its towers. These two towers commonly belong to the very same individual coil the feeds spark come 2 cylinders simultaneously.

Ignition Coil experimentation Basics

I have the right to tell friend from personal experience that testing the ignition coil package on the 2.5L Ford Ranger isn"t difficult.

The one point that"s going to assist you to stop complications is making use of a dedicated spark tester come test for spark.

There"s one details spark tester that i use and also that ns recommend because that you to use. This bad boy is the HEI spark tester. Friend can find out an ext about the here: The HEI Spark Tester (The best Spark Tester ~ above The Market) and also you have the right to buy it here: OTC 6589 electronic Ignition Spark Tester.

Another crucial suggestion I"d choose to share with you is that all 8 spark plug wires have to be tested because that spark even if you have a particular misfire trouble password pinpointing a specific cylinder as dead.

The means that I have actually designed this tutorial, you"ll begin off by experimentation the second ignition coil pack (starting suggest is check 1) and if the tests good, climate you"ll go on to check the main ignition coil load (starting point is test 3).

TEST 1: Checking for Spark (Exhaust Side)

In this test ar we"re gonna" examine that the 4 exhaust manifold next spark plug wires are sparking once the engine runs.

The ignition coil the feeds spark to these exhaust manifold signed spark plug wires is the major ignition coil pack.

NOTE: even if you have a specific misfire trouble password identifying a certain cylinder together misfiring, it"s important to test all 4 spark plug wires on your 2.5L Ford Ranger (Mazda B2500).

IMPORTANT: To gain the most accurate check result, you have to use a dedicated spark tester. The spark tester that i recommend the you usage is the: OTC 6589 electronic Ignition Spark Tester.

Let"s get started:

Connect the spark tester to the spark plug wire.Ground the spark tester through a jump begin cable to the battery negative (-) terminal of your Ford Ranger.

Repeat the spark check on the continuing to be exhaust next spark plug wires.

Let"s study your spark test results:

CASE 1: all of the exhaust next spark plug wires sparked. This is the exactly test result and lets you understand that the major ignition coil is working correctly. You can also conclude the the spark plug wires room not defective.

Your following step is to check that all of the secondary ignition coil spark plug wires room sparking. Because that this test walk to: test 3: Checking for Spark (Intake Side).

CASE 2: one of the exhaust next spark plug wires DID no spark. The following step is to check for spark straight on the ignition coil tower that connects to this non-sparking spark plug wire.

For this test go to: test 2: major Ignition Coil Tower Spark Test.

CASE 3: two exhaust side spark plug wires that attach to 2 ‘paired’ cylinders DID no spark (paired cylinders are: #1 & #4 and #2 & #3). This usually suggests that the exhaust side ignition coil is defective.

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But to it is in sure, the following step is to inspect for spark straight on the ignition coil towers that attach to these two non-sparking spark plug wires. Walk to: check 4: primary Ignition Coil Tower Spark exam (Paired Cylinders).