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MAIN RELAY LOCATION:On many Honda"s the key relay is usually situated under the dash ~ above the chauffeurs side, in or near the fuse crate area and also due come its size is fairly easy come find.MAIN RELAY REMOVAL:The steps below show remove of the relay indigenous a right-hand journey 88-91 CRX, however the procedures are specifically the exact same for the left-hand drive model.Tools Required:Cross-head screwdriver. 10mm Socket. Extension bar for above. Ratchet because that above. 10mm Ring spanner (preferably ratchet type).1. Remove the hood bar with a 10mm socket and extension bar. There space two bolts, the bottom one is being removed in the picture. When the bolts room out the level will loss out that the way.

2. Remove your fuse box cover to gain access to the coin holder. Now remove the coin holder - spring it open and you will certainly see two screws at the top and also one in ~ the bottom. When the holder is out of the way we have the right to see the peak of the relay.

3. The bolt securing the relay is fine hidden, friend can access it indigenous the directly over the hood lever. The bolt is impossible to see unless you obtain your head in the foot well so simply use have actually a feeling for it.

4. A ratchet spanner greatly increases removing the relay although the is possible with a normal ring spanner but it will certainly take a couple of minutes. Do NOT try to usage a open-ended spanner as you will probably round the bolt!
only use a ring-spanner if you carry out not have actually a ratchet one!
5. Through the bracket loosened we can now lift the end the relay. In addition to the bolt, the parentheses is hooked v a sign so friend may need to wiggle the a bit to cost-free it turn off or it could just lift directly out.
6. The relay will now lift the end - the is fitted through a long lead so you can easily get right into the connector, and unplug it.
Re-installing the key relay back in is the turning back of removal, however getting the bolt earlier in can be a little tricky. Remember come slot the notch top top the relays bracket earlier into the feet on the vehicle as this will host the relay in the precise position for the bolt to walk in.MAIN RELAY REPAIR:
Repairing your main relay is very simple, and requires just a couple of tools:- Soldering Iron, powered roughly 25w is fine. - good Quality Solder. - De-soldering tool - pump style, braid or de-solder terminal if you room lucky. - stubborn toothbrush - (Isopropyl Alcohol) cleaning Solvent1. Bend back one of the retaining clips and also lift up one next of the relay, climate repeat v the various other side.
4. Now you need to remove the old solder native the board. I recommend you only de-solder and re-solder one connection as a time together there is a opportunity some that the materials may fall out the board inside the relay requiring that to be dismantled.
5. Currently re-solder the relationships making certain you use sufficient heat to completely flow the joint - compare your joints come the picture. Castle should have actually a glowing finish. If the end up on her joints is dull, girlfriend are probably using a negative quality solder, or not enough heat.

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6. Following you deserve to remove the flux indigenous the board. This isn"t strict required, however it"s quite to complete the project properly. Spray on lot of of Alcohol solvent and also use the brush to remove the flux, you might need to carry out this a pair of time to eliminate it all. This will make a little bit of a mess.