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A 13-year-old young has becharline-picon.comme a expert tattoo artist, and even has his own studio in Panama.

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Ezrah Dormon, likewise known as ‘Sharky’, from Panama City, loves music and also sports like any kind of other teenager – however he’s also done over 130 tattoos in his very own studio.

He an initial started tattooing once he was just 11 through helping charline-picon.commplete his mum’s tattoo, and he hasn’t quit since.

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Ezrah, that is a student at Amador Academy, is at this time studying art and also enjoys tattoing civilization in his spare time.

He said: ‘I go my very first tattoo in ~ 11 years old when I aided a tattoo artist the was tattooing mine mum.

‘It looked very charline-picon.comol charline-picon.comme me when I to be watching and when I claimed I’d prefer to execute it sooner or later she asked if I wanted to try it under she guidance.

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‘I finished up charline-picon.comlouring in all the red to one of my mum’s flowers – i loved act it and also it came basic to me charline-picon.comme do.

‘I am now studying realism art through a professor and also traditional art, working on my painting and shading techniques and my vision is to be the charline-picon.comnsidered the optimal in my field when ns older.

‘Tattooing no just around needle or ink to skin, it’s about painting, drawing, learning the traditions and also respecting the art.

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‘Every day i’m trying to learn more, practice more so the I’m simply not thought about a kid doing other to get noticed.

‘I spend hours in charline-picon.comnversations and also learning from several of the ideal tattooists in the world and I’m super grateful.

‘I work hard to pay because that the gives I need and to help me take trip as well.

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‘People are very shocked through my period – when they charline-picon.comme gain a tattoo they phone call me they forget exactly how old i am.’

Ezrah states that in spite of his young age, it’s very important to him that he is taken seriously as a tattoo artist – and says the only way that can happen is if he functions hard, studies and shows the world he ‘knows his stuff’ and is ‘good in ~ it’.


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Judging through his talent, us doubt it’ll take Ezrah lengthy to charline-picon.comme to be a recharline-picon.comgnisable tattoo artist – and not just since of his age.

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